Transformers Earth Wars Weekend Event Info: Mixed Signals

Good morning Cybertron!

Sorry to miss last week, but things got busy on my end. I’m here to make up for it with a preview for this weekend’s event for 4/14/17-4/16/17!

“Preparations for the transfer of Bots from the future are complete!

The transfer of the futurebots has started despite of the Decepticons meddling!

If everything goes according to plan, two new bots will join the ranks of Autobots and Decepticons, FROM THE FUTURE!”


It’s time to start drawing the two beast bots through the portal for their big introduction come next week! So that means it’s…a solo event…yay?


Sadly after the fun event last week, it’s a lackluster week this time. Oh well…here’s the prizes for this week:

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  1. Yeah, that is a rather disappointing event after the build-up!

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