SWGoH: Should I Buy the Rise Together Ghost & Phantom II Bundles?

The latest bundles offered by EA & Capital Games in the popular Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes game are the Rise Together Ghost & Phantom II bundles.
Priced at $9.99 each, both offer 25 shards of the specific Star Wars Rebels ship plus materials to help upgrade it. Here is a quick review of the bundle.

Ghost & Phantom SWGoH BundlesEverything promised was indeed delivered in the bundle as you can see to the right. Of course the 25 ship shards are the most important as they upgrade the ships to 4-stars putting the buyer at 20/65 shards on both. Further upgrades can be “purchased” with crystals for the low-low price of 1,299 of the purple currency. Breaking that down based on 2,800 crystals costing $19.99 in real life money, the price comes out to $9.27 for 1,299 purple crystals. But wait, if you buy your crystals $99.99 at a time (ouch!) that saves you… $1.01 for a price of $8.26. As you can see, the 5 shard pack, and let’s be real, you’re not likely to get the 30 shards in the pack – you’re going to get 5 shards – will cost you $8.26-$9.27 in real monetary value if you choose to use your crystals on them.

My thoughts – these $9.99 bundle are not bad. Considering the way this game works on buying bundles and packs the value is in the bundles but NOT the 1,299 crystal packs. Honestly, nothing I have seen makes me think the crystal packs are ever worth the investment, but there must be enough suckers out there that they keep offering them for each character and now ship.


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