SWGoH New Character Proposal: Aurra Sing

Aurra Sing first appeared in The Phantom Menace as a spectator during the Pod Race that Anakin was participating in … or was she assassinating someone at the time … hmm? Aurra Sing is tall and known for her lengthy fingers and pale white skin as well as her physical appeal (to some). She was once in a relationship with Hondo Ohnaka and has even met Darth Maul himself at one point. She is a skilled assassin and was known for using many deadly weapons. She would be the first character to unlock in this Event.

“Aurra Sing was one of the most feared and notorious bounty hunters operating around the time of the Clone Wars. As a bounty hunter and assassin Aurra met and became acquaintances with numerous other mercenaries like notorious Mandalorian warrior Jango Fett, Hondo Ohnaka, Catas, Boba Fett, and Bossk. Aurra contacted and assisted Jango’s son Boba Fett in his quest for revenge against Jedi Master Mace Windu.”

The following moves are “Omega’d.”

Aurra Sing

Dark Side, Scoundrel, Bounty Hunter, Attacker
Power: 8,1000  Health: 15,400  Speed: 130  Max Damage:  5,850

Basic: Lock and Load
Deal physical damage to target enemy with a 45% chance to attack again. If the target has a positive status effect there is a 35% chance to inflict Defense Down for 2 turns.

Special: Double Kill (Alternate name: Head Shot, Sniped, Head Hunter)
Cooldown – 3
Deal special damage to target enemy with a 65% chance to Expose them for 2 turns. If this attack defeats an enemy, Aurra gains 70% turn meter with a 50% chance to gain Advantage for 1 turn.

Special: Assassinate
Cooldown – 5
Place Thermal Detonators on all enemies that explode after 3 turns dealing damage plus 5% bonus damage for each negative status effect on each Bounty Hunter ally. This move cannot be resisted, evaded, or cleansed and ignores Tenacity Up.

Unique: In the Shadows
Aurra has a 60% chance to gain Stealth and Critical Chance Up for 2 turns after a Thermal Detonator explodes. Whenever Aurra scores a Critical Hit, she dispels all negative status effects on herself.


Move set explanations:
I won’t go into the Ability Level Bonuses, except for her 2nd Special, but you get the idea. For her basic she uses her custom blaster pistols. For her first special she uses her sniper rifle as seen in the Clone Wars TV series where she takes out like 7 guards in a row within a minute which explains her crazy TM, Expose, and Advantage boost. Now I will go into the Ability Level Bonus of her Unique which has amazing synergy with Boba Fett’s leadership ability and can really deal some damage if the Bounty Hunters are suffering many debuffs (zVader).

The original text reads: “Place Thermal Detonators on all enemies that explode after 3 turns dealing damage plus 2.5% bonus damage for each negative status effect on each Bounty Hunter ally.”

Ability Level Bonus
2 +5% Damage
3 +10% Damage
4 +5% Damage and can’t be Resisted
5 +2.5% Bonus Damage and can’t be Evaded
6 +5% Damage and can’t be Cleansed (removed by a cleanser like Rex or Barriss)
7 +10% Damage
8 (Omega) Ignores enemies with Tenacity Up

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