SWGoH Update: An Imperial Threat Rises…

“An Imperial threat rises…”

The latest update for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes provided us with some bug fixes and a new Rebel character, Bodhi Rook, but left the door open for more additions to the game in the short term with “an Imperial threat rises…” But what does it mean?

Free shipping at Booksamillion.com.While I realize there are a lot of haters out there in the SWGoH world spewing venom toward both the Star Wars Rebels series and the addition of more Rebels in general, I am personally a fan. I watch the Rebels series with my kids (and sometimes by myself while writing articles like this one) and feel like the series is well-written, creative and MUCH better than the Clone Wars series. But that is a topic for another day.

So with the line “an Imperial threat rises…” being the focus of this article, let’s take a moment to speculate on who/what could be added to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes in the near future:

  1. Grand Admiral Thrawn – Thrawn is one of the characters that I see the fans clamoring for the most in SWGoH. Thrawn Star Wars novelGiven his rise to the main antagonist in Star Wars Rebels Season 3, it makes sense toadd him now given we are wrapping up the end of the release of the Rebels toons. Add to this that the Thrawn Star Wars novel will be released on April 11th and Star Wars Celebration takes place April 13-16 in Orlando, and there are just too many pieces of evidence to ignore this. However I do not see SWGoH adding another Star Destroyer Capital Ship anytime soon, if at all, so don’t hold your breath.
  2. Agent Kallus – Like Thrawn, the timing is right to add Empire characters from the Star Wars Rebels series, and none has had as much storyline action as Agent Kallus, the (spoiler alert) Imperial turned Rebel.
  3. The Grand Inquisitor – The Inquisitor, dubbed the Grand Inquisitor in Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels, was a force-wielding former Jedi Temple Guard who turned to the Dark Side to help Darth Vader hunt down remaining Jedi. How the addition of the Grand Inquisitor would be handled in SWGoH would be tricky – an Empire classification is obvious, but would there be a Inquisitor classification as well?
  4. The Grand Inquisitor’s TIE Advanced – With the (hopeful) addition of the Inquisitor, his ship would be an obvious addition in my opinion. The Dark Side is lacking on ships as it is, and the Rebels series is about to add the Ghost and Phantom II, so the addition of a Star Wars Rebels Dark Side ship seems logical.
  5. Grand Moff Tarkin rework – When Rogue One came out all the rage was Director Krennic, the man who was consistently bested by Tarkin in both the Catalyst novel and in Rogue One itself. So could Tarkin get a rework? Yes, he could, but I just doubt that this is seen as a priority when there are already so many leaders with the Empire tag already. That having been said I am rooting for it…

What do you think? Who do you want added to the game that applies to this kind of hint? Let us know in the comments below.

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