SWGoH: Best Mods for Death Trooper

Welcome to another article in our series about Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes where we take a look at the best mods for individual SWGoH toons. While I do not claim to have all of the answers in this game, I do my research and have used every toon I write about extensively.

Best Mods for Death Trooper - SWGoHToday I’ll be reveiwing mods for Death Trooper, one of the newest farmable characters in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes after recently being added to Cantina node 8-A. Originally labeled to be only valuable with Director Krennic, Death Trooper has proving his value in the game on any Imperial Trooper team with significant value in Imperial Retaliation – the Dark Side’s version of Territory Battles. Let’s take a look at how we can enhance his abilities with mods.

Main Focus: Potency is the main focus I recommend for Death Trooper as his basic has the ability to both Daze and Stun given the right parameters and proper potency levels. His special, Death Trooper Grenade, also benefits from Potency as it inflicts a healing immunity to previously buffed enemies.

Additional Areas to Focus: Speed, Critical Chance and Critical Damage. Death Trooper’s special, Terminate, is a guaranteed critical hit when the enemy is suffering from any debuffs so added CD will make this attack more powerful. His unique, Krennic’s Guard, reads “whenever Death Trooper scores a Critical Hit, he and Director Krennic recover 15% health” (20% when a Zeta is added). Thus, a higher CC for Death Trooper is only logical since he, and potentially Krennic, would benefit from additional critical hits. Speed is important for almost every character in SWGoH, so boost his Speed to earn more attacks.

Ideal Mod Setup for SWGoH Death Trooper:

Since Death Trooper needs a specific mix of mods, I am choosing to go with one set of 4 Critical Damage mods and one set of 2 Potency mods to gain as much as possible in these two areas. Thus, here is my preferred mod setup for Death Trooper:

  • Transmitter (Square) – Critical Damage mod with offense primary and a focus on defense, speed, critical chance and potency secondaries.
  • Receiver (Arrow) – Critical Damage mod with +30 speed – all other stats are bonuses
  • Processor (Diamond) – Critical Damage mod with defense primary and a focus on potency, protection and critical chance secondaries.
  • Holo-Array (Triangle) – Critical Damage mod with +36% critical damage  – all other stats are bonuses
  • Data-Bus (Circle) – Potency mod with protection primary and a focus on speed, critical chance and potency secondaries.
  • Multiplexer (Plus) – Potency mod with +24% potency  – all other stats are bonuses

4 Comments on "SWGoH: Best Mods for Death Trooper"

  1. Straight up, once I get one, I’m switching to a CC triangle. I’ve been running a CD one and it doesn’t feel worth it when you could be healing DT and Krennic more with higher crit chance. The damage on Terminate only really matters IMO on the first time using it, and then after that you’re getting Deathmark applied which pretty much means lights out for any hero. Plus now with Talzin and Plague being a thing, I think the healing will be a higher priority.

  2. Team Lead Veers (Speed / Pot), Magma, Snow Trooper, Shore Trooper, Death Trooper : attacks super fast on defensive setup before player team get to go

  3. Love death!!! Run him with thrawn lead, shore, stormtrooper and veers…. yes I know I most only use him as a leader but using him mainly for his AoE and with thrawn command…. using it over and over on Death is crushing…!!!!!!!!

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