SWGoH New Character Proposal: Shaak Ti


The following is from Starwars.com/Databank: “A wise and patient Jedi Master, the Togruta (like Ahsoka Tano) Shaak Ti fought at the Battle of Geonosis, and supervised the training of Clone cadets on Kamino. There, she struggled to balance the necessity of producing capable troopers with compassion for the Clones as living beings. Ti helped defend Kamino against Separatist attacks while balancing her assignments in the field with her duties on the Jedi Council.”

Shaak Ti

Light Side, Jedi, Support, Healer, Tank

Power: 9000     Health: 32,340     Speed: 112     Max Damage: 3100

Basic: Master of Makashi

Deal physical damage to target enemy and inflict Ability Block for 1 turn with a 55% chance to also inflict Offense Down for 2 turns. If the target enemy is buffed, Shaak Ti gains 45% Turn Meter.

Special: Telekinetic Throw

Cooldown – 3

Deal special damage to target enemy with a 50% chance to inflict Daze for 1 turn. In addition, the ally with the lowest Health is called to assist and recovers Health equal to the damage dealt. If no Health is recovered, Protection is recovered instead. If a Critical Hit is scored, both Shaak Ti and the assisting ally gain Critical Hit Immunity for 3 turns.

Special: Restoration

Cooldown – 4

Dispell all debuffs from all Galactic Republic allies and recover 50% of Shaak Ti’s Max Health. If any Jedi or Clone allies already had full Health, they gain 50% Turn Meter and their cooldowns are reduced by 1. This effect cannot be resisted.

Leader: Basic Nature of the Force

All Jedi and Clone allies have 75% Health Steal. If no Health is recovered, they recover 10% of their Protection instead but only on a Basic attack. In addition, whenever they fall below 100% Health they gain Evasion Up and Speed Up until their Health is maxed or they are defeated.

(Zeta: Add, If a Jedi ally falls below 50% Health they gain 2 Foresight for 2 turns and recover 25% Protection.)

Unique: Press the Offensive

As long as Shaak Ti is alive, Clone allies gain +10% Offense for each ally and +20% Max Health for each Jedi ally. In addition, Jedi allies gain +10% Defense for each ally and +20% Protection for each Clone ally. If a Clone and Jedi ally assist each other, both of them gain Heal Over Time for 2 turns.

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