SWGoH: Best Mods for Resistance Trooper

Welcome to the latest article in our series about the popular game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes where we take a look at the best mods for individual SWGoH characters. While I do not claim to have all of the answers in this game, I do my research and have used every toon I write about extensively.

Best Mods Resistance Trooper SWGoHToday’s toon to review mods for is the Resistance Trooper. One of two generic characters to complete the early Resistance faction, the Resistance Trooper, when correctly modded, can be a strong attacker landing Expose and Speed Down on enemies, especially as a member of a Zeta Finn leadership.

Main Focus: Speed. Broken record, I know. It is just the reality of SWGoH – without speed you are basically ineffective. But if Speed is 1A…

Additional Areas to Focus: Potency & survivability. Then Potency is 1B. Both the basic and the special attacks rely on Potency to help land debuffs – Expose on the basic and Speed Down on the special. I would focus heavily on Potency as a result and look to add survivability – defense, health and protection – to keep your Resistance Trooper in the battle longer. As mentioned above, the Expose debuff is HUGE under a Zeta Finn leadership, so landing Expose over and over again can be the key to total dominance in a battle. I would not sacrifice 3-5% Potency just to get 5-10 more Speed on RT, but both remain very important.

Ideal Mod Setup for SWGoH Resistance Trooper:

The Resistance Trooper is one of the more straight-forward characters in terms of mods needed to maximize effectiveness. Here is my preferred mod setup:

  • Transmitter (Square) – Potency mod with a primary focus on offense and a secondary focus on speed, potency, health and protection
  • Receiver (Arrow) – Potency mod with +30 speed – anything else is just a bonus
  • Processor (Diamond) – Potency mod with a primary focus on defense and a secondary focus on speed, health, offense and protection
  • Holo-Array (Triangle) – Potency mod with a focus on offense or +36% Critical Damage
  • Data-Bus (Circle) – Potency mod with primary focus on health or protection and a secondary focus on speed, potency, critical chance and offense
  • Multiplexer (Plus) – Potency mod with +24% potency – anything else is just a bonus

Note: Transmitter, Processor and Data-Bus mods are MUCH more common. If you can maximize the stats from these using a MK V, Tier A mod that is ideal. Images courtesy of SWGOH.gg

3 Comments on "SWGoH: Best Mods for Resistance Trooper"

  1. I’d have to disagree with you about speed on this one. Especially under zfinn, RT gets so much bonus turn meter he could be at zero speed and still attack three times before an opponent gets a shot off

    • Thanks for the feedback Mike. While I can see where a 240 speed is not necessary, I still advocate higher speeds for those times that the exposes do not land and the codlins do not get refreshed. Res Trooper is so incredibly valuable then b/c of the Expose from his basic, so while I would not sacrifice 3-5% Potency for 10-15 more Speed, I still see it as highly valuable to keep the snowball rolling downhill.

    • I updated the article to reflect the feedback – thanks again!

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