Star Wars Battlefront Loadouts: Officer

Welcome to’s review of Loadouts in Star Wars Battlefront where our media partner, StarWarsGaming (@RYNO1343 on Twitter), reviews specific areas of the game.

Today’s Battlefront video takes a look at the officer loadout. Like the Medic, this class directly acts as a support role. The Medical Droid will provide your team with healing and reduced cooldowns while the Scout Binoculars will help you call out enemies for your team. Officers are VIP’s that don’t get their hands dirty, so they have Sharpshooter to help them stay away from large firefights (Disruption is perfect for ensuring you stay alive when cornered). Very good for large open maps.position.

Check out this latest Star Wars Battlefront video by clicking the graphic below and always come back to for your Battlefront and Battlefront II content.

Battlefront - Officer Loadout

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