SWGoH Game Update: Chief Chirpa announced as July’s login Character of the Month

In a bit of a surprise yesterday, Chief Chirpa was announced to be the July 2017 SWGoH Character of the Month. In a game with over 10 million downloads, Gaming-fans.com has confirmed that exactly 5 people were happy after hearing this news. The Ewoks are expected to now get a faction rework according to the post on the EA SWGoH forum by CG_Kozispoon which will surely be welcomed by the game’s target demographic.

Chief Chirpa - SWGoH“I really like Ewoks,” said 6-year old Elizabeth. “They are so cute and fuzzy and I want to cuddle with one right now!”

Other notes from CG_Kozispoon’s post, we all get double drops today and tomorrow (use them wisely!), the Phoenix Squadron has been removed from the Shard Shop and been replaced by their ships – the Ghost and the Phantom, and we got this important quote about future game updates. Wait, this is Earth-shattering, so be sure to sit down first…

We’re so close to the end of the month- we know you’re chomping at the bit and so are we! Further details await us.

Wow. Dangle that carrot CG_Kozispoon, just dangle that carrot out there…

No mention of a rework or addition to the Separatists or future additions to the First Order or Resistance were mentioned in the latest update, leaving me hanging on a limb waiting to see if my SWGoH: What’s Ahead article will be a huge success or a major flop.

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8 Comments on "SWGoH Game Update: Chief Chirpa announced as July’s login Character of the Month"

  1. Mon Mothman | June 29, 2017 at 11:42 am |

    Nice to know there’s 4 other people as happy as me. Yub nub!

  2. Chief Chumpa | June 29, 2017 at 1:40 pm |

    YUB YUB!!!!

  3. Best. Article. Ever.

    • ljcool110 | June 29, 2017 at 1:51 pm |

      Thanks! Will have to do this more often then! Feel free to share with your Guild, etc!

  4. I have zero shards of his so I’m fine with it.

  5. People have been asking for a fifth Ewok all over the discussion boards. Chirpa and Teebo are among the three most important leaders for easily farmable p3 teams for tank. And there’s no way they’re adding Resistance or First Order until we get much closer to the movie, meaning something like November, which is what they did for both Rogue One and Episode VII, so why would anyone expect any movement on that 4-5 months earlier?

    I myself was expecting either Galactic Republic or Separatists. I thought the former more likely, because the Jedi badly need a rework other than a few OP characters, as do Chewie and CUP, and we still only have five clones, barely a full team. But Ewoks don’t even have that, and as I said two of the Ewok characters are among the most important HAAT leaders, and one is among the most important for rancor. Making the other two better with more synergy among them and adding a fifth or maybe even more would seem to make the game better in ways that people are regularly asking for. If an Ewok synergy team could be meta, it would make arena more interesting, and at the least we’ll get more options for p3 teams in the tank.

  6. I agree with parableman. Already have chirpa at 7* for aat so I don’t need chirpa shards, but the ewoks have some pretty good tm manipulation and a faction pass could well make them viable. I have teebo 7* for aat phase 3 teebotine, ewok elder at 7* for cleanses in random aat teams I’ve been testing. My ewok scout is 5* just from bronziums it would be nice to have a use for him too.

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