Breaking News: SWGoH to add Territory Battles as New Game Mode

Literally minutes ago the announcement came down that the new Game Mode for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is called Territory Battles. SWGoHTaking place on the ice planet Hoth which was featured in The Empire Strikes Back, the SWGoH Territory Battles sound like a collection of battles to test each player’s individual strength as well as the Guild’s strength.

The main points provided in the article included the following:

  • Strategize on the Battlefield: You can already collect your favorite characters and ships; now take them into epic scale combat for special bonuses and rewards! Territory Battles are set on the ice planet of Hoth.
  • Battle with the full force of your entire collection: Bring the strength of everything you’ve collected into the fight for Hoth! Now, every character and ship you collect – and every upgrade – matters.
  • Guild Co-operation: Coordinate on battle and map strategy across multiple mission types using the collective strength of your Guild’s squads and fleets. Every participating member in the guild earns equal rewards.

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