SWGoH: Tips to Prepare for Territory Battles – Hoth

Territory Battles - SWGoH

Hardcore Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes players have been anticipating the next big thing from EA/CG for months, and the announcement of Territory Battles has piqued the interest of players across the globe. We here at Gaming-fans.com are following the developments of Territory Battles closely and with the help of our staff and the Territory Battles Committee from the Empire Alliance of Guilds, here is our list of tips to help you prepare for SWGoH’s release of Territory Battles – Hoth.

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Specific Characters Needed in Territory Battles – Hoth

Hoth Rebel Soldier - SWGoHThe initial Territory Battles – Hoth will be called Imperial Invasion. Per the info released by EA, “Guilds must bring the strength of their entire collections to take over strategic landmarks and ward off the Imperial forces, with unique bonuses and mission opportunities for Rebel and Light Side forces.” Did you catch that last part? Unique bonuses and mission opportunities for Rebel and Light Side forces.

An early leaked image and recent hints have shown us that both Hoth Rebel Soldier and Hoth Rebel Scout are characters of interest for Territory Battles – Hoth. While additional Territory Battles are sure to succeed the initial Hoth battlefield, there seems to be a (logical) correlation between characters who have a specific planet or area associated with them. Thus, look for a possible future Territory Battles: Dathomir or Geonosis to favor Nightsisters or Geonosians. Specifically, the text released stated “Combat Missions have special requirements for which units to use. Most commonly they require Light Side Characters or Rebel Characters, but sometimes even a specific unit. These missions also provide stat bonuses for some units that are important to Hoth and Rebels.”

Commander Luke Skywalker, the newest addition to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, also appears to have extra value in Territory Battles – Hoth, in addition to being the strongest character in SWGoH. It seems that CLS and possibly both Hoth Rebels will be needed in Combat Missions where they will commonly “require Light Side Characters or Rebel Characters, but sometimes even a specific unit. These missions also provide stat bonuses for some units that are important to Hoth and Rebels.”


Deep Rosters Provide a Huge Advantage

Territory Battles - SWGoHIn a move that surely benefits the PTP in SWGoH, Territory Battles will test the depth of every roster, from the FTP to whales. The August 7th release from EA/CG stated that we can “work collaboratively with your Guild to bring over 7,500 units (characters and ships) into battle.” Breaking that down, 7,500 units s 150 units per Guild member, and with 123 characters and 26 ships (not counting Capital Ships) available in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes currently, it sounds like entire rosters will be tested from top to bottom.


Don’t Ignore Your Ships

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard others say they ignore Ships. I know I personally do not give the Fleet Arena the attention I give the Squad Arena, but I am pleased to say that I put the effort in to ensure it does not get ignored. With the expectation that 150 units per player will be used in Territory Battles – Hoth, that Resistance X-Wing you have ignored now seems to have more value just like Mob Enforcer and CUP on the character side.

What Does This Mean To Me?

So what does this new game mode mean to you and your specific gameplay? Well it starts with your Guild makeup and leadership. Those who will benefit the most are Guilds with several deep rosters.

Territory Battles - SWGoH

Yes, the Guilds with 50 whale accounts will likely plow through Territory Battles and gain rewards quicker than others, but well-organized Guilds with a strategy heading into each Phase will likely be incredibly successful as well.

Members who do not have Commander Luke Skywalker, Hoth Rebel Scout or Hoth Rebel Soldier will be at a disadvantage, it is just unclear at this time as to how big of a disadvantage. This may impact some long-time members of Guilds who have not been proactive in strengthening their rosters and have become complacent or comfortable.

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  1. Yet another Rebels Only feature, as if they weren’t overpowered already. Disney sure knows how to ruin a decent game.

  2. For now its Rebels next time it will be a diffirent territory favoring new characters.

    • Agreed – eventually they will “force” us to build more depth and add more Dark Side characters. Brilliant from a business standpoint…

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