SWGoH GameChangers: Nightsisters Rework Details

The kit for the newest Nightsister, Mother Talzin, has been released. Details on the Nightsisters rework are below (changes listed in bold italics):


Old Daka

Old Daka - SWGoH ModsDefensive Nightsister Healer who Stuns and Revives

Basic: Insightful Blow
Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 75% [up from 60%] chance to Stun them for 1 turn. Deal Physical damage to a random enemy with a 55% chance to Stun them for 1 turn.

Special: Chant of Resurrection
Revive a random defeated Nightsister ally at 1 Health with a 35% chance (doubled on Nightsisters) to revive other defeated allies at 1 Health. All allies recover Health equal to 50% [up from 30%] of Old Daka’s Max Health. (Cooldown 4)

Leader: Nightsister Elder
Nightsister allies gain 50% [up from 10%] Health and 50% [up from 40%] Defense.

Unique: Serve Again (REWORKED)
When another ally is defeated, Daka gains 50% Turn Meter and the cooldown of Chant of Resurrection is reduced by 1. When another ally is revived while Old Daka is active, the revived ally gains 20% Turn Meter and gains Offense Up and Defense Up for 2 turns, and [Zeta upgrade only] Old Daka gains +10% Max Health (stacking) until the end of battle.



Asajj Ventress

Nightsister controller with healing who generates attack power as characters are defeated

Special 1: Strike Fear
Dispel all buffs on all enemies and Nightsister allies recover 40% Health. For each buff dispelled, that enemy has a 50% chance to lose 20% [up from 10%] Turn Meter and Nightsister allies recover 10% [up from 9%] Health. This attack can’t be Evaded or Resisted. (Cooldown 3)

Special 2: Endless Wrath
Deal Special damage to all enemies and inflict Defense Down for 2 turns. Refresh all cooldowns on a finishing blow. (Cooldown 3)

Leader: Nightsister Swiftness
Nightsister allies have +30 [up from +28] Speed, +30% Offense, gain 50% Turn Meter when they fall below 100% Health, and have a 50% chance to remove 20% Turn Meter when they damage an enemy. This Turn Meter removal can’t be Resisted.

(From Zeta Upgrade: +25% Turn Meter Reduction Chance, +10% Turn Meter Reduction, Nightsisters gain 50% Turn Meter when they fall below 100% Health)

Unique: Rampage (REWORKED)
When any ally or enemy is defeated, Asajj gains 35% [down from 50%] Turn Meter, and, gains 15% Offense, 15% Critical Chance, and 5% Max Health (stacking) until the end of the encounter. Asajj has +15 Speed for each enemy with no buffs.

(From Zeta Upgrade: +75% Turn Meter Gain Chance, +5% Offense, +5% Critical Chance, and when any ally or enemy is defeated Asajj gains 5% Max Health until the end of the encounter)




Mods for Talia - SWGoHAggressive Healer that sacrifices Health so allies can recover Health and Turn Meter

Basic: Draining Strike
Deal Physical damage to target enemy, dealing +50% damage if Talia is below full Health. Nightsister allies recover Health equal to the damage dealt.

Special 1: Water of Life
Dispel all debuffs on all Nightsister allies. Talia consumes 20% of her Max Health and gains 15% Turn Meter for each active Nightsister ally. Other allies recover 50% [up from 40%] Max Health and gain 30% Turn Meter.

Special 2: Harrowing Assault
Deal Special damage to target enemy and inflict Damage Over Time and Stagger for 2 turns. If Talia has full Health, consume 10% of her Max Health to deal double damage, otherwise she immediately uses Draining Strike.



Nightsister Acolyte

Stealth attacker with some enemy debuffing and self healing ability

Basic: Strike from the Shadows
Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 70% [up from 55%] chance to gain Stealth for 2 turns and, if Nightsister Acolyte has Stealth, she attacks again.

Special: Sacrificial Magicks
Deal Special damage to target enemy. On a Critical Hit, gain 30% Turn Meter and Dispel all debuffs on a random Nightsister ally. This attack gains 20% Critical Damage for each active Nightsister ally and each debuffed enemy. On a finishing blow, reduce the cooldown of this ability by 1. (Cooldown 3)

Unique: Thrill of Victory
Nightsister Acolyte has +25% [up from +15%] Critical Chance and recovers 20% Health on each Critical Hit. While Nightsister Acolyte has Stealth, she has +50% Offense.



Nightsister Initiate

Critical-focused Attacker that can render enemies immune to buffs

Basic: Slice Open
Deal Physical damage to target enemy and inflict Damage Over Time for 3 turns. On a Critical Hit, inflict Damage Over Time for 3 turns.

Special 1: Cut Down
All allies gain Critical Chance Up for 3 turns. Then, deal Physical damage to target enemy. (Cooldown 3)

Special 2: Severing Strike
Deal Physical damage to target enemy and inflict Buff Immunity for 2 turns.

Unique: Nightsister Retaliation
If Nightsister Initiate has full Health, she has +100% Counter Chance. Otherwise, she has +100% Offense.

(ZETA): +30% Counter Chance and +50% Offense

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