“Which character would you most want to see added to SWGoH” polls continue with Droids up for vote

Droids in SWGoH - Poll

Gaming-fans.com’s “which character would you most want to see added to SWGoH” polls have been a popular addition to the site starting earlier this month, and the polls continue with Droids as the most recent voting category. The Droid category, which includes C-3PO, Droideka, B1 Battle Droid and bounty hunter 4-LOM, is currently showing the dark side Droideka and the popular protocol droid C-3PO in a tight race for first place. Six factions preceded the Droids including Bounty Hunters, Old Republic Sith, Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, Prequels – Republic and the Questionable Methods voting.

> VOTE NOW for the Droid you want to see added to SWGoH

Fifteen different factions and a single Wild Card will advance to the quarterfinals where they will then be seeded by the Gaming-fans.com writing staff. The voting will then continue until a Final Four and eventual winner will be crowned. All of the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes polls on Gaming-fans.com are brought to you by TeeMinus24.com, makers of Star Wars themed tees & movie apparel. Fans can sign up to win a free t-shirt from TeeMinus24.com on our site – drawings will begin in late November.

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