Battlefront II 101: How to Level Up

Welcome back to the Battlefront II 101! In this post, I want to talk about levels in Star Wars Battlefront 2. The level up system can be hard to understand as it was changed from the previous Battlefront 2015. There are two types of levels in Battlefront 2 that I want to teach you about today:



This is the level that is increased by playing the game. Once you complete a game you will see the screen at the end that shows your progress bar to the next level and how much score you need to progress to the next level. This is just like Battlefront 2015.

The ed of round screen showing level progress


Star Card Level

The star card level is unique for each class, ship. hero. vehicle, etc. This shows  your total star cards for that specific character. Every time you craft or obtain a star card the star card level will increase for the character you got the card for. Once you reach a specific amount the star card level icon will change color indicating the rarity of your class.

Your class’s star card level can be seen next to it on the menu


These levels are very important for progression in the game. The ability to craft a rare star card may be locked if you don’t have the levels required. This is to prevent players from shelling out credits on loot crates and using their crafting parts to get the best cards without playing the game. The star card level is used to unlock star card slots for your characters. The second slot requires a star card level of 5 and the third slot requires a star card level of 10.


Have fun crafting cards and showing off your epic troopers in Battlefront II and don’t forget to check out the Battlefront 2 tab for  detailed guides. May the force be with you!

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