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SWGoH - Han Solo

Han Solo is the OG of the Star Wars saga. He came onto the scene in 1977’s A New Hope, guns blazing! In Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Han Solo is a “daring attacker that stacks criticals in his favor and always shoots first.” When OG Han was first introduced, he could turn the tide of battle. Han Solo SWGoHAs more advanced characters came out, OG Han faded away into obscurity. However, with the A New Hope reworks of 2017, OG Han has become a force to be reckoned with… again.

The Zeta on Han’s unique, Shoots First, adds the following text: “+10% Critical Chance and the first time each turn Han uses his Basic attack, he attacks again dealing 50% less damage.”

That addition makes the final text as follows: “Han has +35% Counter Chance and +20% Critical Chance. The first time each turn Han uses his Basic attack, he attacks again dealing 50% less damage. Han takes a bonus turnat the start of each encounter. During this turn Han ignores Taunts and he can only use his Basic ability, but it will Stun the target for 1 turn and can’t be Resisted.” This gives OG Han a triple molly-whop that the start of each encounter that is devastating in all game modes.

And now, our SWGoH Zeta review for OG Han Solo:


Han Solo Zeta Review

Gameplay: OG Han is an excellent character due to Stuns, Turn Meter (TM) reduction and pure damage. Add a second attack to that basic and he goes from excellent to jaw-dropping. With two basics, depending on enemy Turn Meter, it’s going to do one of three things: massive damage, reduce TM by 35% then deal boosted damage or do double TM reduce. A little known aspect to the Zeta is, since Han has 10% health steal, the extra attack will heal him. This helps keep a rather squishy Han alive for much longer than he should in prolonged fights like raids where he can hide behind a Stealth or tank and heal himself a little bit at a time. The only downside in the Zeta is counter attacks. When Han hits a counter-attacking enemy with a double-hit and doesn’t kill it, the enemy will then hit Han back twice. This can be especially deadly when hitting multi-attacking characters like Princess Leia or a Zeta’d BB-8.

Galactic War: With the ease of GW these days, I can take a team of Wedge, Biggs, Lando, CLS, and my Zeta’d Han Solo and clear all 12 nodes in less than 6 minutes.

Squad Arena: Han is a major player in many current (February 2018) arena teams. The opening Stun and Turn Meter reduction is crucial to getting the initial advantage against your enemy. The classic Titan team that invaded the SWGoH META stood for quite a while and is only just now starting to fade away. When put with the Rey Jedi Training trio (RJT+R2-D2+BB-8) and he can control Nightsisters and I even used him today, also with the RJT trio, to defeat a freshly Zeta’d EP/Vader team.

SWGoH - Zeta Materials

Rancor: Soloing the Rancor these days is only getting easier. By now it’s possible to solo the whole raid with just Commander Luke Skywalker and OG Han Solo. Those two have so much damage and Turn Meter reduction, they’re all that’s needed. Combine them with Wedge, Biggs and Jyn, just hit auto and that big monstrosity is practically already dead.

AAT/HAAT: Han can be an asset in every phase of this raid. Like Rancor, Phase 1 can be solo’d with just Han and CLS. He can be a great damage dealer in Phase 2, but there are better options. In Phase 3, he can a valuable asset for reducing turn meter against the boss in a CLS lead squad. Like P2, in Phase 4 he can do well, but there are again better options.

Territory Battles: In the early phases on Light Side Territory Battles, aka Rebel Assault, Han’s damage makes quick work of those battles. In the later phases, his stun and TM reduce is vital to controlling cleansers, healers and buffers.

Territory Wars: Just like arena, Han excels in TW and the Zeta upgrade makes him even more dangerous. The only hard part is to decide which one squad gets him!



How I Use OG Han Solo: If you’ve read this far, you know I use OG Han in nearly every game mode. He’s a main staple in arena, makes GW a joke, and I auto the Rancor. If, when the tank raid came out, you told me I’d be getting multi-million damage scores with just OG Han alone, I’d say you’re a bloody lunatic! Today, I did just that on auto in HAAT P3.

My Rating of Zeta Han Solo: I’m giving Zolo a 8/10. The only reason I didn’t do 9 or 10/10 is the counterattack aspect. The guy has great utility without the Zeta but it on him and he’ll step it up to a whole new level. If you’re on the fence about this one, don’t be! It’s a no-brainer in my book. Do it today and don’t look back!


By Hagar of Descendants of the Empire
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Images courtesy of SWGOH.gg

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