Zeta Materials & Abilities

When Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes first introduced Zeta Materials, aka “Ability Material Zeta,” it completely changed the landscape of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. The addition of Zetas paved the way for new nicknames as Zader, Zaul and Zody replaced Vader, Maul and Cody in SWGoH for a time. But like all things in a game that is years old, Zeta materials have become one of many factors needed to upgrade most characters, and while they remain incredibly important, they no longer are the single biggest factor for META teams.

With the evolution of the Zeta materials in SWGoH, we here at Gaming-fans.com are also evolving how we advise the community on all things Galaxy of Heroes. After months of contemplating ideas on how to present this, we have asked our friend DBOfficial125, one of the top SWGoH YouTube personalities, to help out as we now look at how to prioritize Zeta upgrades for specific factions in SWGoH. Of course we continue to have our fantastic best mods section of the site and the new reviews of Relic Amplifiers in the game as well, so be sure to stay here at Gaming-fans.com for all of the best of SWGoH as we delve into helping players understand the best Zeta Materials use in Galaxy of Heroes.

Below we list the SWGoH factions and review which Zeta abilities are the most important, and the least important, to help that faction operate at the highest levels in SWGoH.


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