SWGoH: Compounding Stats and How Mods Use Them

Anyone who has followed my series of SWGoH Advanced articles should know almost everything there is to know about modding stats by now. This article aims to fill in the remaining gaps, and hopefully, leave you with all the knowledge required to optimize your mods.


Compounding Stat Sources

It’s commonly stated that only “base stats” are used for mod calculations, and while this is kind of correct, there’s a little more to it. Base stats are the basic, un-modded stats of a character. You can find these by removing all mods from a character, subtracting the mod gains shown on the stat screen from the total, or for a maxed character, you can check swgoh.gg.

It’s also common to be told that only stats from completed gear levels count as base stats for mods. This is true, with an exception. All stats gained from Strength, Agility, or Tactics are used for mod calculations, including those from gear in the current gear level.

At this point, there are enough differences between a characters base stats and the stats used in mod calculations, that we need differing terms for each – compounding stats (those used in mod calculations), and base stats (the basic, un-modded stats).

Stats gained from mods, and pieces of gear at the current gear level (other than primary stats), can be call non-compounding stats, since they’re not used in mod calculations.


Additive and Multiplicative Mods

Mod stats can be sorted into two categories – additive, and multiplicative. Additive mod stats are simply added to the characters base stats, while multiplicative mod stats increase your compounding stats by a percentage.  The following table shows which mods belong in which group.

Additive Multiplicative
Accuracy % Defense %
Critical Avoidance % Health %
Critical Chance % Offense %
Critical Damage% Protection %
Potency % Speed %
Tenacity %


Closing Thoughts

It’s been a long time coming, but you should have all the information you could possible want about stats and modding. Check out our Best Mods For series to find out our recommendations on how to mod almost every character in the game, but remember – every mod is different, and what works well for us may not work for you.

If there’s anything you think I’ve missed, or that you’d like to know more about, feel free to leave a comment.

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