SWGOH New Character Review: Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru

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Despite being not genetically related to Luke, being raised by Owen and Beru Lars made him into the highly moral and loved character that started with a journey unlike any other. As Hydroponic Farmers on a planet that offered few possibilites to make a living without turning to crime. they led a rather off the grid lifestyle and relied much upon makeshift technology, which led to a high affinity to droids that is also included in their kit in the game. They will be avaible through upcoming marquee events starting Sunday on April 1st 2018, and later be farmable on the upcoming Nodes 10A and 10B of the Dark Side battles.

Starting with a “ladies first” approach, we first have a look at Aunt Beru’s kit.

Beru Lars is a light side Healer with no further faction tag, but her abilities let her work well with all incarnations of Luke Skywalker, Ben Kenobi, her husband Owen Lars and a couple of very special droids.

As a mother replacement for Luke her nurturing nature reflects on her kit, making her basic ability “Got (Blue) Milk” the perfect fit. It heals Beru, Owen, Farmboy Luke, CLS, General Kenobi, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben), R2-D2 and C3P0 for 25% of her max health.

Her first special ability, “It means so much to him” gives all non-unique buffs to Luke Skywalker (Farmboy) and/or speed up and tenacity up to Commander Luke Skywalker.

Her second special, “He has too much of his father in him” replaces the abilites (own and opposing) of every version of Luke Skywalker with Darth Vader’s kit and the abilities of every version of Kylo Ren with Han Solo’s kit.

Her unique, “It’s getting warm in here!” increases the percentage of her basic ability by 5% for every droid, every version of Luke Skywalker, and Owen Lars on the battlefield. In addition, her Defense is reduced by 20% per Imperial Trooper on the battlefield and their basic abilities inflict the burning debuff on her.

As Owen and Beru complemented each other in raising Luke to the young man we see in the movies, they do the same in the game since Owen is a light side tank with a synergy with Beru and the same characters she has a synergy with in her kit.

His basic ability reflects his use of droids in his daily work and the need to adapt them to their needs. “Have it’s memory erased” either removes all debuffs from a friendly droid or all buffs from an opponent’s droid. If there is an opposing droid without any buffs targeted, the ability transfers control of that droid to the player.

Owen’s first special ability, “What are you trying to push on us?“ is what puts him into the tank category since in A New Hope, he doesn’t let someone get the better of him by having the faulty astromech replaced with R2 when the droids are sold to him. It provides him with a two turn taunt which is refreshed whenever a jawa, tusken or droid attacks with a special ability.

“Harvest is when I need you the most!” is his second special ability, which either gives Owen, Beru, CLS or Luke (Farmboy) Speed Up and Offense Up or an opposing CLS or Luke (Farmboy) gets Speed Down and Offense Down.

As a rather unique character in the game, Owen has two unique abilities, with the first being “You can go to the academy next year”, which replaces all of CLS’ abilities with the abilities of Luke (Farmboy). In addition, all versions of Luke (on both sides) get Ability Block and Protection Up for 3 turns. It makes total sense; he just wants Luke to be safe and don’t do something foolish.

His second unique (and final) ability “Burning down the house” is similar to Beru’s unique ability by improving his basic ability and is worded, “Instead of using his basic ability to one droid, it targets Beru, all droids and all versions of Luke Skywalker. In addition, his Defense is reduced by 20% per Imperial Trooper on the battlefield and their basic abilities inflict the burning debuff on him.”

In a controlled environment, like Arena, where you can choose your opponents, Owen and/or Beru could give you the edge you needed against droid teams or the still viable CLS. With rumours of an upcoming C-3P0 event, they could also be part of a new Meta team. There is nothing like staying at home and warming yourself on a fire with a nice glass of milk (unless you are IN the fire).

Final Assessment:Happy April Fools’ Day!

Written by: Lore Cahain (or just “Cahain” on SWGOH.GG)

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