SWGoH: CLS Returns! Tips and Uses

The new year is starting off with a bang with Commander Luke Skywalker‘s Hero’s Journey event has returning to SWGoH.

Aside from being one of the most beloved and recognizable characters throughout the Star Wars universe, in-game CLS is one of the greatest characters ever released. His Basic ability alone applies Speed and Defense Down, can remove turn meter, and can Stun. His first Special, remove turn meter, Dispels, and applies Buff Immunity and Tenacity Down. His Call to Action ability self Dispels, recovers health and protection, and then allows CLS to ignore Taunt and land hits more. His Unique abilities offer nearly all benefits of all other Light Side character buffs and his Leader ability brings together a Rebel team like no other character can.

CLS’ amazing ability kit makes him not only a brilliant Leader for any team, but allows him to be entirely plug-and-play, enabling him to work well in a support position on any other team from Resistance to Sith. His kit also makes him one of, if not the, most useful character in the game in terms of where he can be used. CLS is pivotal in all three raids and is a key character throughout Light Side Territory Battles.

Obtaining this iconic character is not the easiest task, so be sure to review our SWGoH 101 article on acquiring CLS through his rare event. The event unlocks Commander Luke Skywalker at 7* and is brilliantly cinematic as well, so it is worth playing even if you are not entirely prepared.

Once you’ve got CLS, put him to great use in soloing your guild’s next Pit raid just with Commander Luke Skywalker alone.

Happy Playing!

By Kaitco of Descendants of the Empire
Gaming-fans.com Senior Staff Writer

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