TFEW: Best Power Cores for Cliffjumper & Kickback

TFEW - Transformers Earth Wars

Welcome to the latest in our series of articles about the Transformers Earth Wars mobile game where we take a look at the best Power Cores for each TFEW bot. While our staff will never claim to have all of the answers for TFEW, we do our homework and test out each bot to ensure we are making only the best recommendations.

As far as gunners go, the most valuable gunners are ones that can one-shot defenses. However, if you want to maximize your ability to combo with other abilities, Cliffjumper and Kickback provide that in the form of their Glass Gas Rockets special ability. Although effectively useless on their own, these rockets do almost no damage. In combination with other abilities such as Jazz’s Orbital Strike or an ability that burns or poisons over time, the extra damage does stack very well. These bots are in the “middle” of the rankings as far as gunner DPS goes for their 4 star variants, but they are great support bots. So, which cores should you equip them with?


Best Power Core for Cliffjumper & Kickback:

Attack Core – This was a close call. Cliffjumper and Kickback do not get any benefit from one of the better cores for gunners, the volatile mixture core. As gunners, they also have low HP, so they would benefit significantly from the Flak Jacket; however, because their ability increases damage done to the defenses, the best “combo” is to make sure your bot is doing increased damage to the weakened defenses.

Other Cores: Flak Jacket


By LastRaven Staff Writer

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