SWGoH: Gear 12 – A Deeper Look at the Mk 12 ArmaTek HoloLens

SWGoH - Gear 12

Note: This issue was labelled a bug and promptly fixed. The information in this article is no longer accurate or relevant, and is intended to serve as a reminder that mistakes can happen.


Six new pieces of gear, dubbed G12+ by the devs at Capital Games, have been released in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Requiring salvage only obtainable in the Heroic Sith Triumvirate Raid, this gear is the ultimate end game reward. There are however, some issues. As always when new gear pieces are released, there have been some … decisions made by the design team that perplex the community. In the past, we’ve seen characters like Jawa Engineer, who doesn’t do damage, require gear that adds damage and nothing else. This time however, the strangest decision revolves around the requirements to craft the new pieces of gear.


The Crafting Requirements

For the most part, each of the six pieces of gear have equivalent crafting requirements. 90 salvage only obtainable in the Heroic Sith Triumvirate Raid, 40 G12 level salvage, and 50 of an older salvage – a total of 180 salvage.

We could talk about how the older salvages are some of the most commonly needed gear, like Mk 3 Carbantis, Mk 3 Stun Cuffs, and Mk 5 Stun Guns. Or how others are hard to get, like Mk 10 HoloLenses.

We could also talk about how two of the new pieces need Mk 8 Security Scanners – which are needed to craft Mk 12 Multi Tools, arguably the best G12 piece before now. Or how three of them need Mk 6 Medpacs, which are needed to craft Mk 12 Medpacs, which are another of the better G12 pieces.

But no. We’re talking about the Mk 12 ArmaTek HoloLens.

Each of the other five pieces have the same 90/40/50 requirements to craft. The HoloLens on the other hand, requires 90 HSTR exclusive gear, 50 of an older salvage, and two full G12 pieces. Each of these two G12 pieces requires a total of 70 salvage, bringing the total requirement of the HoloLens to 280 salvage – 90/140/50. Not only is this a 100 salvage jump, but the extra is entirely G12 level.

Is it Worth the Materials?

So the Mk 12 HoloLens has a much higher crafting requirement – but is it worth it? If you ignore the speed, probably not. A side by side comparison shows that for most stats, the pair of Armor Platings are much better.

HoloLens Armor Plating x2
Agility 40
Strength 220
Health 2000 6960
Armor 2.8 80.8
Physical Damage 100 0
Physical Crit Chance 101 (4.2%)
Speed 6
Primary Stat Damage 156 308

All gains from primary stats have been included in the table.

As you can see, the only place the HoloLens is consistently better than the Armor Platings is Physical Crit Chance. Even then, 4.2% crit chance isn’t a whole lot, especially compared to almost 5000 health and 80 armor. Any STR based characters will get more damage from the Armor Platings. Really, even one Armor Plating is better for a STR based character than the HoloLens. But, the HoloLens has speed, and speed kills.


Who Gets Hurt the Most?

Even without doing a full analysis of which character came out of the update with the best stat increases, it’s clear who the losers are here. Each of the 58 characters who need a Mk 12 HoloLens have lost this round, but the 5 who need two are the biggest losers.

We have Clone Sergeant – Phase I, who is an agility based damage dealer, and at least gets the full benefit of the pieces.

Barris Offee, a strength based healer who has no need for offensive stats and would benefit much more from the Armor Platings.

Sith Trooper, a strength based tank, who would also benefit more from the Armor Platings.

Stormtrooper Han, an agility based tank, who will benefit nicely from the speed at least.

And possibly the biggest loser of them all, we have CT-7567 “Rex”, a tactics based support unit, for whom every little bit of speed is essential.

In the end, we’ll all bite the bullet and pay the price, because as soon as there’s speed involved, nothing else matters. But, it will still hurt. And we’ll still hope CG made a mistake, and it’s meant to have the same requirements as the other pieces.


By PsychoPoet of Descendents of the Empire
Gaming-fans.com Senior Staff Writer

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  1. The two full peice requirement was a “bug”, I pulled from the HF notes.

    “Recipe for the MK12 AramTek Holo lens is incorrect

    1 of the 6 Gear 12+ pieces has a bugged recipe. Instead of referencing 2 purple G12 ingredients as part of the Component, the Mk 12 Holo Lens references 2 complete G12 pieces (specifically, 2 of the Armor Plating pieces). This recipe will be changed to require 2x Mk 7 Hypo Syringe, as intended. The roughly two dozen people who have crafted this component so far will have all ingredients of the Component refunded. The bug does not impact the new unique G12+ ingredients.”

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