SWGoH: Should I Buy the Clone Wars: Hunters Bundle (Embo and Cad Bane)

The next in our SWGoH Should I Buy series is a review of the Clone Wars: Hunters Bundles. There are two bundles available; one for Embo and another for Cad Bane.

The Embo Clone Wars: Hunters Bundle is $9.99 USD and has 30 Embo shards with enough gear, mats, and credits to take Embo from 3* to 4* and Level 40 Gear 5. Accompanying Embo’s Clone Wars Bundle is the Clone Wars: Hunters Pack which offers anywhere from 5-330 shards of Embo at 1299 crystals per pull. There is no limit to the number of pulls possible per day. As with all packs, the results will be variable.

The Cad Bane Clone Wars: Hunters Bundle is $14.99 USD and has 50 Cad Bane shards and gear, mats, and credits, which is enough to unlock Cad Bane at 3* and take him to Level 40 Gear 5.

Embo and Cad Bane are part of the same faction, but first appeared at the game at different times, so we will approach the characters and bundles separately.



Elusive bounty hunter from the Clone Wars era, Embo is a recent arrival to SWGoH and brings a suitable damage-focused kit with him. Embo has a leader ability that increases damage for all Bounty Hunters under his lead and also takes advantage of Bounty Hunter Contracts and resulting Payouts and Rewards (Embo’s Kit). While not immediately Arena meta-changing, he could prove extremely valuable in raids and guild events.

As Embo is brand new to the game, the only current methods of acquiring his shards are through his bundle and pack (or the previous marquee event). Assuming that Embo will follow the release cadence of other marquee characters, it will be a few more weeks before he arrives in Chromium packs and about a month before he will be farmable through Shipments. From there, Embo could become farmable anywhere in the game, making this the prime time to acquire his shards quickly.

The $9.99 bundle can easily take Embo from 3* to 4*, which gives players an edge over folks who wait for his shards to become regularly farmable. The 1299 crystal pack, however, can take quickly take Embo straight to 7* for players who are willing to use their crystals to get there. As normal, players can expect to spend around 32,500 to 45,000 crystals take Embo to 7*. While this may be out of reach for many players, even a few pulls at 1299 crystals can gain an additional star for a valued character, making both the bundle and the pack appealing.


Cad Bane

Featured throughout the Clone Wars series, Cad Bane has always been an awesome character on the screen, but desperately lacking within SWGoH. That said, Cad Bane has recently experienced a complete re-work that includes extra debuffs, dispels, turn meter reduction, and a stronger Leader ability. Like other Bounty Hunter re-works and additions, Cad Bane also now includes Contracts and Payouts. These updates have moved Cad Bane from “must miss” to “decent buy”.

Unlike Embo, Cad Bane has been in the game for years, and appeared with the first characters when the game launched in 2015. Cad Bane was originally available only through Chromium packs, but was eventually moved to the easily farmable location of the Galactic War store.

Many long-time players may not only have had Cad Bane at 7* for quite some time, but may also have well over 50K or even 100K in Galactic War tokens. It requires around 26,400 Galactic War tokens to take a character from locked to 7*. For long-time players, Cad Bane’s bundle is not going to offer a lot of value outside of direct Shard Shop currency, which can arguably be obtained elsewhere.

The benefit for Cad Bane’s bundle is going to be for players who have been active for 18-months or less. As Cad Bane has long-since been a very mediocre character, it has not been advisable for newer players to unlock, star, or gear him. With his new updates, however, having Cad Bane on a full Bounty Hunter team can be invaluable, especially with the new Bounty Hunter Payout synergies and their use throughout Dark Side Territory Battles. The fact that Cad Bane is also easily farmable through the Galactic War store also means that a newer player can obtain a valuable 7* Bounty Hunter incredibly quickly. The bundle can shave off several days of Galactic War shard farming which can be very useful if a newer player is still actively farming characters such as Zeb or Phasma, or fast-farming Luminara for a 5th Jedi for Grand Master’s Training.

Overall, there’s little in Cad Bane’s bundle that cannot be acquired relatively quickly for little-to-no cost, especially for long-time players. That said, the ability to unlock and quickly get a head start on a oft-ignored character can mean the difference between extra Guild Events Tokens or a Territory Wars win or loss.


By Kaitco of Descendants of the Empire
Gaming-fans.com Senior Staff Writer

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