SWGoH: Should I Buy the Bounty Hunter Bundles

Our SWGoH Should I Buy series continues with a review of the Bounty Hunter Bundles that feature Boba Fett, Dengar, IG-88, and Greedo.

Each of the Bundles is $14.99 USD each and offers 50 character shards, some credits, gear, and ability mats to take a character to Level 40 Gear 5.

The Bounty Hunter faction have gone through a major facelift in the past few months, turning what was once extremely lackluster into a major force across multiple aspects of the game. Boba Fett, a long-time fan favorite character, has popped in and out of Arena viability over time, and IG-88 has found various uses in early raids and on droid teams, but Dengar and Greedo have become extremely useful, with Greedo now becoming critical for Heroic Sith Triumvirate Raid.

Bounty Hunters are not only required for Dark Side Territory Battles, but are excellent for Territory Wars defense and offense. Recent updates have also given Bounty Hunters great synergy through Payouts, and now they even have their own recurring events. Yet, with few reasons to farm or gear members of the faction until recently, many players may have ignored most of the Bounty Hunters, leaving a lot of room to catch up.

The Bounty Hunter Bundles can be invaluable for newer players or even for players who never found the opportunity to work on the faction. That said, even though the bundles offer virtually the same things, there are some nuances to be considered.

Boba Fett

Obviously, Boba Fett stands as one of the best Bounty Hunters to acquire, gear, and even zeta, so this bundles appears to be a “must-buy”. All of Boba’s usability notwithstanding, his bundle offers only 50 shards and Boba Fett requires 80 shards to unlock. If a player is at 50/100 shards on getting Boba to 7* or has 30/80 shards to just unlock Boba, the bundle can be useful. Otherwise, players may be better off farming Boba Fett through his Cantina Store location. The Cantina Store can offer longer farms than locations like Galactic War, but Boba Fett is entirely farmable for free, and this bundle does not provide enough shards to unlock him or take him up from one star to another.



Dengar’s use saw a brief rise, but a fairly quick fall. The renewals in Bounty Hunters, however, have given him a strong use once again. The best part of the Dengar bundle is that it offers enough shards to unlock Dengar at 2*, with enough leftover to take him to 3*. Now, a 3* character isn’t terribly useful in most cases, and this is no different, but the bundle at least unlocks Dengar and gets players ready to make use of him. Dengar’s farming location is through a variable position in the Guild Store, making it harder to directly farm him, so the bundle can help hasten his more difficult farm.



IG-88 is a long-standing useful character through his multiple factions; Scoundrel, Bounty Hunter, and Droid. Few Droid teams work well without him, and likewise, few Bounty Hunter teams do well without him either. The bundle offers enough shards to unlock IG-88 at 3*, which can be useful, especially since he can only be farmed through the Arena Store. Arena Store farms can be trickier due to the number of useful characters available in a single store, plus the rarity of the currency. Arena Store currency is only obtainable once a day at Arena payout time and once a player completes two Arena battles. Depending on Arena rank, the currency can be plentiful or very rare. Again, a 3* character doesn’t leave players too much work with, but it is enough to get him going and allow players to start gearing him.



Greedo is similar to Cad Bane in that he has been in the game since launch, but until recently has been extraordinarily lackluster and definite “must-skip” character. Like other Bounty Hunters, Greedo has also received an update that now makes him a pivotal member of any Bounty Hunter squad and now also makes Greedo extremely useful in the Heroic Sith Triumvirate Raid. Greedo’s bundle offers enough shards to unlock him and take him to 3*. As Greedo was a former “skippable” character who can only be farmed through the Arena Store, which houses other important characters, including IG-88, the bundle can mean the difference in at least unlocking an additional Bounty Hunter character versus alternating between several Arena Store farms.

By Kaitco of Descendants of the Empire
Gaming-fans.com Senior Staff Writer

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