SWGoH: Should I Buy the Solo Ultimate Bundle?

Our SWGoH Should I Buy series continues with a review of the Solo Ultimate Bundle.

Solo: A Star Wars Story introduced 6 new characters to the game. Five of the six have excellent synergy under Prepared strategies and another has one of the best plug-and-play kits seen in several months.

The Solo Ultimate Bundle is $59.99 USD and offers the following:

  • 55 Enfys Nest shards
  • 55 Young Lando Calrissian shards
  • 55 Qi-ra shards
  • 55 L3-37 shards
  • 55 Young Han Solo shards
  • 55 Vandor Chewbacca shards
  • 10 Omega ability mats
  • 1.5 mil Credits
  • 60 purple ability mats
  • 100 blue ability mats
  • 150 green ability mats
  • 85 Training Droids
  • Gear to take all 6 characters to Level 40 Gear 5

The shards offered for each character are enough to star all characters from 3* to 4*, with a little left over on the quest towards 5*. Each of these characters have recently been made farmable from different areas of the game, so 55 shards could go a long way depending on a player’s current farms for each character.

Young Han has been in the Guild Store and Vandor Chewbacca has been on Dark Side Hard 4D for the last few weeks. Qi’ra and L3-37 have both been placed on Cantina Nodes, 3-B and 5-A, respectively. Young Lando and Enfys Nest have been placed on Fleet Battles Hard Nodes, 1-D and 5-E, respectively.

Depending on the depth of a player’s roster, these farming locations can be favorable or create major challenges. Young Han’s Guild Store location allows him to be farmed straight to 7* in about 2-3 weeks since he appears so often. Qi’ra and L3-37’s Cantina nodes allow them to be farmed quickly within a little more than a month each.

Things get a little more complicated with Vandor Chewbacca since he has only 5 “free” attempts daily on his single node, though players could refresh to get another 5 attempts each time. Young Lando’s Fleet Battles node uses energy that replaces slower than regular energy and yet still has only 5 free daily attempts. Enfys Nest’s Fleet Battles node has only 5 free daily attempts as well, but sits on a hard node that is exceptionally difficult complete, let alone complete at 3*.

While gaining 55 shards of Young Han can occur within a short amount of time, gaining the same 55 shards of Enfys Nest will take considerably more time, which puts the cost associated with the Solo Ultimate Bundle into better perspective.


So…Should I Buy?

The decision to purchase the Solo Ultimate Bundle really rests on how “prepared” a player wishes to be…no pun intended. 😉

Enfys Nest has an insanely capable ability kit that is completely plug-and-play and can transform any team from Sith to Jedi to Rebels to Bounty Hunters. Alternatively, the remaining five Solo characters utilize the Prepared mechanic, giving them excellent buffs and great synergy. The last time the game saw this level of synergy within a group of newly-released characters was through Phoenix Squadron which brought us the Grand Admiral Thrawn Legendary Event. While there is nothing that specifically hints towards a new legendary event forthcoming, it is not outside of the realm of possibility and players would be better positioned to use the full Solo team at higher than 5*.

The price is fairly high when it comes to the game’s bundles, but buying 55 shards directly through the shipments can cost 4400 crystals (approx. $32 USD) for just a single character. Multiply the crystal cost by 6 characters gives the bundle an immediate benefit, plus the bundle also comes with credits, gear, and ability mats to make the characters even more useful.

While everything in the full bundle can be acquired entirely for free over time, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not they wish to be “Prepared” for anything new coming down the line.


By Kaitco of Descendants of the Empire
Gaming-fans.com Senior Staff Writer

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