Transformers Earth Wars Trailer Invites us to “MEET THE SENTIUS TWINS – Sentius MAGNUS and Sentius MALUS”

TFEW - Transformers Earth Wars

A release from Hasbro that is making the rounds through the Transformers Earth Wars community today has shed some light on the new characters that alliances will be battling it out for on September 14-16. The release states:

On September 14th, Hasbro Inc. will add two new characters to the Transformers universe; say hello to the SENTIUS TWINS, SENTIUS MAGNUS and SENTIUS MALUS. Both characters will make their debut in TRANSFORMERS: EARTH WARS, the award-winning combat strategy mobile game available for free from Space Ape Games and Backflip Studios on the App Store and Google Play.

In the early days of Cybertron, the home world of the Transformers bots, SENTIUS NOBILIUS served as an honorable guardian of the relics of the PRIMES, the gods of the Transformers universe. To do this task he was given a sword of legendary power, the SWORD OF BALANCE, a blade with the power of creation and destruction. He was betrayed by one of the PRIMES, who, using his own sword against him, split his spark in two. This destroyed SENTIUS NOBILIUS, but created two new sibling warriors: SENTIUS MAGNUS, the guardian of light, and SENTIUS MALUS, the guardian of darkness. Each of these bots now carries one half of the sword, which was split. SENTIUS MAGNUS now fights for the Autobots, and SENTIUS MALUS for the Decepticons. Fans can get a sneak-peek at both characters by checking out today’s announcement trailer.

A new Transformers Earth Wars trailer has also been found on the TFEW YouTube channel which we have added below. As always, look to for the latest TFEW news, strategy tips and don’t miss our popular Best Power Cores section detailing the best Power Cores for each TFEW bot.


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