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Alchemist Prime Core

TFEW - Alchemist Prime CoreThe Alchemist Prime Core is one of 12 Prime Cores in Transformers Earth Wars which offers the Power of the Primes to enhance the equipped bot’s abilities. Each bot is able to equip a single Power Core to enhance their abilities, with the 12 Prime Cores qualifying as the best of the Power Cores in the game. TFEW allows players to open a Prime Core from gathering 5,000 Prime Core Chips which are earned from a variety of weekend events.

Starting at Level 1 it reads “All of your attacks heal you for 5.5% of the Damage done.”

Level 1 – 5.5%

Level 5 – 7.5%

Level 10 – 10%

Level 15 – 12.5%

Level 20 – 15%


Understanding the Alchemist Prime Core

Unlike the Amalgamous Prime Core which restores a percentage of health while the bot is in alternate mode, the Alchemist Prime Core restores health for both regular attacks and alternate mode. The higher the level of the core the greater health percentage restored. On offense, Alchemist, much like Megatronus, is a great core for leveling individual bots. As a bot progresses beyond L50, to reach the next level becomes increasingly difficult from a required XP perspective. At some point, the only reasonable way to progress is by playing the fewest number of bots in the highest zone possible. What Alchemist (and Megatronus) allow you do is potentially solo or duo (two bots) in battle zone 11/12 by attaching this Prime Core to Deathsaurus/Star Saber/Lugnut/Elita-1 and rush the HQ. Because of the constant restoration of health provided Alchemist, a L55 Deathsaurus/Star Saber/Lugnut/Elita-1 with ability level 8+ can easily solo zone 11. In a normal triple XP weekend event, this would provide roughly 28k (56k with XP core) of XP per battle for Deathsaurus/Star Saber. If you ran two bots in zone 11, in this scenario, both bots would receive 14k in XP (assuming triple XP; no XP core on second bot). This allows you to quickly acquire XP for purposes of bot leveling.

Alchemist Prime Core on Offense

The Alchemist Prime Core is meant to provide the player selective/constant (when attacking) stream of health via various attacks (Basic and Special). This is very useful when self-leveling a bot. For example, with Deathsaurus/Star Saber/Lugnut/Elita-1, the player can rush the HQ ignoring all of the defenses. As Lugnut/Elita-1 run low on health, a timely usage of their Special Ability can restore a significant amount of health quickly. In conjunction with Basic and Special attacks, the Alchemist Prime Core can provide more health restored in a shorter timeframe than a standard Rejuvenate Power Core. While a standard Rejuvenate Power Core potentially provides more health restored over the duration of a three minute battle, if you are power leveling two bots in a high zone, the battle will not likely last the maximum duration. In the previous example, Alchemist will provide more health restored in the shorter timeframe. Alchemist can also be useful on war teams. As an example, attaching Alchemist to a gunner might allow a Medic, who changes the focus of their healing to the bot with the lowest percentage of health, to focus on healing front line bots vs the Gunner with Alchemist attached. Offensively speaking, bots that are best suited for the Alchemist Prime Core are those with high DPS and those with a Special Ability that does a large amount of damage. The more damage inflicted, the more health restored.

Alchemist Prime Core on Defense

While this Prime Core will work on defense attached to bots in outposts, it is not always ideal and depends on the outpost bot. The default behavior for outpost bots is to use their Special Ability on invading bots in proximity to the outposts before engaging in basic attacks. In theory the outpost bot with Alchemist attached receives health back for basic and Special Ability damage immediately. The suboptimal scenario is as follows: the outpost bot emerges from the outpost with full health and targets nearby bots with it’s Special ability. However, it receives no health back from it’s Special Ability attack as the outpost bot has likely not taken any damage. It is possible to damage the outpost bot just as the outpost bot emerges but the timing is difficult (Smokescreen/Break-Neck is the exception to the rule). If Alchemist is attached to a outpost bot, it is best to use a bot with a time based ability (Deathsarus/Star Saber, Lugnut/Elita-1, Hun-Grrr/Snarl, Sentius Malus/Magnus, Waspinator/Tiger Hawk, Scourge/Swoop) if you want to receive health back on defense with Special Ability.


Best Bots for the Alchemist Prime Core

Deathsaurus/Star Saber, Lugnut/Elita-1, Onslaught/Skyburst, Sentius Malus/Magnus, Waspinator/Tiger Hawk, Scourge/Swoop, Blackaracnia/Cheetor, Blitzwing/Sky Lynx, Rippersnapper/Slash, Octone/Sandstorm, Hun-grrr/Snarl, Razorclaw/Grimlock and Divebomb/Windblade.


By b0dhi74 of the Scorched Earth family

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