TFEW: Weekend “Deals” Offer Hard-To-Find Bundles but No Discounts

TFEW Black Friday 2018

Transformers Earth Wars is back with another weekend-killing event for those who care to have a personal life, and in the spirit of the money-grabbing holiday season, Space Ape has joined right in. This morning’s email and the in-game News from TFEW bragged about how our “favorite Bot and Combiner Bundles will be available for limited times.” While many of these bundles are not often offered, each is nothing more than a repeat of an old, standard bundle. This shows that the developers of TFEW have totally missed the point of Black Friday and sales during the holiday season. Black Friday, labeled as such because Black Friday is the day when retailers finally begin to turn a profit for the year. As a result, stores commonly hold big sales in an effort to draw in crowds of shoppers looking for a great “deal.”

TFEW Maximus Crystal OddsWhat is missed by Space Ape in this weekend’s bundles is the “deal” part of it all. There is no 25% bonus on the number of crystals in a package or on Cyber Coin purchases, and unlike other games there are no other gifts or other incentives to buy. For many players this will be a great chance to get that final bot for a combiner or add a higher star bot. But let’s be real, when odds sit at 1.8% to get a 4-star bot on the Maximus Crystal and buyers only get 10 Maximus Crystals for $19.99, the company makes it really easy to decide not to buy. Thus, a 4-star bot pull, which could be a duplicate by the way, would likely cost you $80-100 just to have the honor of them spending (potentially) months leveling it up.

So my questions for Space Ape remain – where are the deals? Where are the incentives to buy with terrible odds on the same recycled package you have thrown at us before? At least dangle a fresh carrot before us if you want your players to truly open their wallets.

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