SWGoH: November’s Road Ahead Released

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

New information is now available for fans of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. The much-anticipated Road Ahead post was released tonight by CG Carrie detailing a new game mode, enhancements to Arena Shards and payouts and a look at new characters to come. Here is a look at some of the highlights:

The Grand Arena – The Grand Arena will be a PVP setup of 8 players with similar Galactic Power squaring off against one another for prizes.

Old Republic Characters – New Old Republic characters are set to join SWGoH, likely Dark Side characters needed for a Sith version of Revan to be released in February. You heard it here first!

Player Controlled Arena Payouts – Have an Arena Shard that does not cooperate? Looking for a fresh set of opponents? Upcoming enhancements will allow players to change their Arena Shard and payout twice a year.

Original Trilogy Content – More content from the original Star Wars trilogy is set to be added, likely including the rumored OT Millennium Falcon.

Want to see all of the Road Ahead post? Visit the EA SWGoH forums!

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