TFEW: A Look at Experience Needed for Each Level for 3, 4 and 5-star Bots

TFEW - Transformers Earth Wars

While Transformers Earth Wars continues to carry a strong base of loyal players from across the globe, finding information about the game online continues to be a challenge. In the past year has become more committed to helping educate the community about TFEW, starting with our Best Power Cores and Prime Cores sections, as we look to help players get better on a daily basis.

Today we take a look at the amount of experience needed to level up your characters and compare the 3, 4 and 5-star bots in the chart below.


Level 3-Star 4-Star 5-Star
31 16k 19k 22k
32 22k 27k 31k
33 26k 31k 37k
34 31k 37k 43k
35 36k 43k 50k
36 42k 50k 58k
37 48k 58k 67k
38 55k 66k 77k
39 63k 75k 88k
40 71k 85k 100k
410k 491k 573k
42 100k 120k 140k
43 130k 150k 180k
44 160k 200k 230k
45 210k 250k 290k
46 270k 320k 370k
47 340k 400k 470k
48 420k 510k 600k
49 540k 640k 750k
50 670k 810k 940k
2.840m 3.400m 3.970m
52 1.1m 1.3m 1.6m
53 1.5m 1.8m 2.1m
54 2.1m 2.5m 2.9m
55 2.8m 3.4m 4.0m
7.5m 9.0m 10.6m
56 3.8m 4.6m 5.4m
57 5.1m 6.2m 7.3m
58 7m 8.4m 9.8m
59 9m 11m 13m
60 13m 15m 18m
37.9m 45.2m 53.5m


As you can see, fittingly, it takes more experience to level up a 5-star bot than a 3-star or 4-star bot. While the difference in each star level of bot is not huge, as with all of these numbers, the gap widens from level 56 to level 60 where it takes nearly 8 million more experience to upgrade a 4-star over a 3-star to the same level, and 8.3 million more exp for a 5-star bot.

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