SWGoH GameChangers: Old Republic Characters Bastila Shan (Fallen) & Canderous Ordo Coming to Galaxy of Heroes

SWGoH - Bastilla Shan Fallen

After some time off from new characters we’re ready to see the Road Ahead post from last week start to unfold. As part of the EA GameChangers program for SWGoH (rumors of our deaths have been greatly exaggerated), Gaming-fans.com is pleased to announce that kicking off that schedule of new characters will be two from the Old Republic – Bastila Shan (Fallen) and Canderous Ordo. Both will be members of the Dark Side faction and of course the Old Republic faction with Dark Side Bastila joining the Sith and synergizing well with Emperor Palpatine, Count Dooku, Darth Nihilus and Darth Sion. Meanwhile, Canderous Ordo will be an Attacker designed to take out enemy tanks whose synergies appear to be in-line with General Kenobi, Darth Vader, Mission Vao and Zaalbar. How the two will be introduced in-game remains to be seen, but my gut feeling is they will be both be in Marquee Events and needed for a February Legend of the Old Republic Ancient Journey event to unlock Dark Side Darth Revan.

Let’s take a look at the kits for both of these new characters which, in time, are likely to continue to shift the META in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, and don’t miss out on the Best Mods for Dark Side Bastila Shan here at Gaming-fans.com!


Bastila Shan (Fallen)

UNIT NAME: Bastila Shan (Fallen)
CATEGORIES: Sith, Old Republic, Support
Strong Sith Support who inflicts a large number of debuffs including Shock, Stun and Corrupted Battle Meditation

Final Text: Deal Special damage to target enemy and inflict Ability Block for 1 turn. This attack deals 10% more damage and has +10% Critical Chance for each active Sith ally.

Special 1: WILD LIGHTNING (Cooldown 2)
Final Text: Deal Special damage to target enemy and Shock them for 3 turns. If the target already had Shock, deal bonus Special damage to all other enemies. This bonus damage can’t be countered. This attack can’t be evaded.

Special 2: FEAR (Cooldown 3)
Final Text: Stun target enemy for 1 turn with an 80% chance to Stun another random enemy (can’t be evaded). When each of these Stuns expires, inflict Offense Down, Defense Down, Evasion Down, Speed Down, Expose and Stagger for 2 turns. These effects can’t be resisted.

Final Text: At the start of Bastila’s turn, all enemies lose 3% Turn Meter (doubled against non-Jedi and non-Sith) and are inflicted with Corrupted Battle Meditation for 1 turn. Then she recovers 1% Protection for each debuff on enemies.
Corrupted Battle Meditation: -30% Critical Hit Chance and -30% Counter Chance (doubled against non-Jedi and non-Sith)

Final Text: (ZETA) Bastila and the character in the leader slot have +50% Defense and Tenacity and gain Foresight for 1 turn at the start of battle. If Bastila’s leader is Sith, whenever an enemy is inflicted with Deathmark, Marked or Shock, they both gain 5% Offense (stacking up to 100%) for the rest of battle. This ability does not apply to characters in the ally slot.


Canderous Ordo

SWGoH - Canderous OrdoUNIT NAME: Canderous Ordo
CATEGORIES: Scoundrel, Old Republic, Attacker
Powerful attacker who can make short work of enemy Tanks

Final Text: Deal Physical damage and attack again. If the enemy had Protection before this attack, Canderous attacks for a third time and inflicts Tenacity Down for 2 turns.

Special 1: OVERWHELMING FIREPOWER (Cooldown 3)
Final Text: Deal Physical damage to all enemies and inflict Offense Down for 2 turns. This attack ignores Defense.

Final Text: At the start of battle, Canderous gains 10% Health Steal and Potency for each Old Republic and Scoundrel ally. Whenever Canderous deals damage to an enemy, he inflicts a Damage Over Time effect for 2 turns.

Final Text: Canderous deals 50% more damage with Interminable Assault and Overwhelming Firepower to enemies who are Taunting, Deathmarked or Marked. Whenever an enemy with a Damage Over Time effect is damaged by an attack, Canderous gains 8% Turn Meter. When an enemy gains Taunt, or becomes Deathmarked or Marked, Canderous gains Critical Chance Up and Critical Damage Up for 2 turns.


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