TFEW: Should I Buy the Cyber Pass?

Cyber Pass - TFEW

Transformers Earth Wars has joined the ranks of mobile video games with a Battle Pass, labeling their pass as the “Cyber Pass,” which came to the game last week. With the standard Free and Premium lines of rewards, we felt it wise to review the Cyber Pass and inform the public on if we felt the value was good or not, and if the money is well spent.

For those of you who prefer videos, Sunstreaker Wozza has been a trusted Content Creator for this game for years, so here is a link to his Cyber Pass video.


TFEW Cyber Pass Details

The Cyber Pass in TFEW is a $9.99 USD investment that consists of Daily and Seasonal Quests. The Daily Quests refresh daily while the Seasonal Quests allow you approximately 30 days to complete. Three Daily Quests refresh each evening (Eastern Time in the USA) and provide the gamer with 30 points for each accomplished, thus allowing for 90 points per day. These Daily Quests are encouragement to play daily and not take the mid-week days off as TFEW has historically been centered around weekend events, but efforts over the past two years or so by Space Ape have emphasized mid-week battles and events more and more with the addition of Raid Battles and the Elimination Mode.

The Seasonal Quests are the long-term goals that are not expected to be accomplished in a few days’ time. In fact, you will see in the image from my game that after about 5 days I was 560 points into the total rewards, a little over 100 per day, and the final prize is reached at 3,000 points. Overall, if you focus your efforts on the Daily Quests and handle many of the Season Quests there should be no problem in finishing the reward tiers and reaching the max reward as a result.


Should I Buy the TFEW Cyber Pass?

Normally I am not giving a strong yes or no on these Should I Buy articles on the games I cover. I try to leave it up to the gamer and not draw a hard line unless something is obvious. In the case of the Transformers Earth Wars Cyber Pass, at least for this first iteration, I am thoroughly impressed. The rewards a very, very good and the price tag is low. Anyone who is even a light Pay To Play gamer for TFEW needs to buy this one. Honestly, if you are FTP, this is even enough to justify a $9.99 expense in my opinion, but it is up to you to stay disciplined on the other deals they offer.

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