SWGoH GameChangers: Capital Games releases timeline for February, the Separatist Droid month


The latest announcement from the makers of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes was released today in conjunction with the GameChanger kit reveals of the Emperor’s Shuttle, the B1 Battle Droid and the reworked B2 Super Battle Droid – the timeline for the Month of February. Historically the Month of the Sith, February 2019 is taking on a different “dark” feel with the Separatist Droids as the focus this month. Here is a look at the timeline of expected releases and reworks:

  • Feb 6 – Character Rework – B2 Battle Droid
  • Feb 14-15 – Marquee Event – B1 Battle Droid
  • Feb 20 – Character Reworks – General Grievous & IG-100 MagnaGuard
  • Feb 21-22 – Marquee Event – Droideka

Of course we also know that the Emperor’s Shuttle shards will be up for grabs February 8-12 as part of the Galactic Chase event.
And now for the video from EA Star Wars:

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