SWGoH New Character Proposal: C-3PO


Light Side, Droid, Galactic Republic, Rebel, Resistance, Support

Basic: My Counterpart R2D2

Call ally R2D2 to attack target enemy with a 80% chance to inflict Defense Down for 2 turns. If R2D2 has any debuffs there is a 50% chance to inflict Daze on the target enemy for 2 turns. If R2D2 scores a Critical Hit, all Droid allies gain Speed Up for 2 turns. If R2D2 is not present or does not assist, inflict 2 Damage Over Time for 2 turns.

Special: Over 6 Million Languages

Cooldown – 5

C-3PO grants all allies the Communications buff for 2 turns. This ignores Shock and Buff Immunity.

(Communications: Whenever a Basic ability is used, call all allies of the same class (Attacker, Support, Healer, Tank) to Assist. Whenever a Special ability is used, call all allies of the same faction (Droid, Galactic Republic, Rebel, Ewok, or Resistance only) to Assist. All assists deal 30% less damage. This buff cannot be dispelled.)

Special: Over Here!

Cooldown – 4

C-3PO Taunts and gains 3 Foresight buffs for 2 turns. In addition, at the end of each turn, C-3PO gains 7% Protection for each ally that is damaged while he is Taunting this way.

Unique: Human Cyborg-Relations

Droid allies gain Foresight for 2 turns, Galactic Republic allies gain Speed Up for 2 turns, if they are Jedi allies, then they also gain Evasion Up for 2 turns; Rebel allies gain Tenacity Up for 2 turns, Ewok allies gain Offense Up for 2 turns, and Resistance allies gain Defense Up for 2 turns whenever they lose their Protection. In addition, when an ally of these factions is Critically Hit they gain Heal Over Time for 2 turns.

Unique: Oh My!

C-3PO has +10% Evasion for each enemy, doubled for Empire or Separatist enemies, and recovers 10% Health and 5% Protection for each positive status effect on him per turn. If R2-D2 is present he also gains these bonuses. In addition, whenever R2D2 falls below 100% Health, the ally currently with the highest combined Max health and Max Protection Taunts for 2 turns, if they already have Taunt, they gain Evasion Up for 3 turns.

(Zeta: C-3PO has a 30% chance to gain Foresight whenever any ally is damaged)

Move Set Explanation:

Basic: My Counterpart R2D2

C-3PO is the first character to not attack based on this idea. I like having him just simply call R2 to attack for him but it potentially deals another debuff on top of his potential Stun. So there is a chance now to Daze and Stun from both of their basics. With Threepio not attacking, keep in mind that his mods should only be focused around Tenacity, Defense, Health, Protection, Speed, Critical Avoidance, Potency, etc. It would be pointless for him to have mods with Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Offense, Accuracy, etc.


Special: Over 6 Million Languages

I think the “Omega” on this should be “This ignores Shock and Buff Immunity.” Also, can someone please correct me? I have heard he’s fluent in either 6 million OR 7 million languages online and in the movies/TV shows so which one is it?
Special: Over Here!

I added and clarified “Taunting this way” because, remember, Panaka can place Taunt on a random Galactic Republic ally. If Threepio gains Taunt through Panaka, then he shouldn’t gain 7% Protection when an ally is hit (when Omega’d) because it should only be through his own ability. And remember, this is unaffected by Amidala’s Unique: Royal Influence, because she only raises the duration of buffs for Naboo allies only – which Threepio is not. So he is only gaining Protection from this one special ability.
Unique: Human Cyborg-Relations

He has been in all 8 (close to 9) canonized movies and many TV shows and books. He was everywhere and helped out many factions in his life, so yes, I gave him synergy with almost every Light Side character. I think it is well deserved and it’s just one little buff if their Protection goes down is all. Not overpowered IMO. Remember, Shocked and Buff Immune allies won’t gain these buffs.


Unique: Oh My!

This makes him difficult to defeat and gives him even more R2D2 synergy. Gotta love it.

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  1. David Buckley | May 30, 2018 at 1:52 am | Reply

    What about a leader ability for Ewoks only? Golden God. Maybe a percetange (35-40%) chance for ewoks to inflict stun/daze on enemies on basic attack (simulating the ewoks capturing the rebels in RotJ

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