TFEW: Megatronus Prime Core Gameplay from Alpha Prime

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Popular Transformers Earth Wars YouTuber Alpha Prime of Prime Union, our media partner here at, is back with another TFEW video showing us how to effectively use the Megatronus Prime Core. A core that has been in the game for quite some time, the Megatronus Prime Core, starting at Level 1 it reads “Flames surround you, dealing _% of your damage every second to targets in melee range” with the percent of damage increasing upon each level up. The % damage stat increases based on the level of the Prime Core, all the way up to 45% maxed out at Level 20. Alpha Prime talks about the use of the core and discusses the best bots for the Megatronus Prime Core in his video, and we have since updated our own recommendations to better align with his thoughts and those of our Content Director.

Check out this latest TFEW video from Alpha Prime by clicking here or on the image below.


TFEW - Alpha Prime

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