SWGoH: CG_Carrie releases The Road Ahead

Territory Battles: Geonosis

Just after midnight on the East Coast this morning, CG_Carrie (presumably from California) posted her Road Ahead blog for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. For those that are unaware, CG_Carrie is the lead of the entire SWGoH game holding the title of Senior Producer. She posts a quarterly blog to update the community as communication with the developers has, at least historically, been spotty at best. While the quarterly posts are a nice step toward better communication, I think anyone involved will admit we can all work to improve how communication is disseminated.

So what are the highlights of the Road Ahead? The key item is that the Clone Wars are going to get the majority of 2019’s focus starting with a rework of three major characters – General Kenobi, Jedi Knight Anakin and Ahsoka Tano. “We will most likely focus on changes related to synergies with the other two rather than pure power” is the info we were given, which makes a lot of sense in my opinion. In addition, a new Territory Battles map taking place on Geonosis should be released before the end of June. One thing to note is this is, like Hoth, a new map. That means both a Light Side and Dark Side Territory Battles event will likely come of it. “The new Geonosis map will have new characters along with special events,” which leads me to believe we will see multiple different areas or events within the new Geonosis map that differ from the Hoth map. How this will be scheduled is the big question as we are already down to just two total Territory Battles per month and Guild Event currency will be needed for continued development of Darth Malak. We will leave that topic alone for now…

Another new addition will be something called the Grand Arena Championships. “A Championship is a multi-week series of Grand Arena events and competitive challenges, where players can fight their way into more and more exclusive leagues for higher rewards and ultimate bragging rights. This next update is intended to be the start of a new era of competitive play in Galaxy of Heroes, and over time there will be more and more ways to demonstrate that you are among the very best SWGoH players in the world.”

“We have solicited some players for feedback,” but oddly not the GameChangers who are under a strict NDA, “on the initial designs of the Grand Arena Championship and will begin a restricted beta in the upcoming weeks.”

For the entire Road Ahead blog from CG_Carrie, click here.

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