AhnaldT101 & Mobile Gamer Ask: Is SWGoH on the Decline?


A topic that continues to come up in recent weeks with my own guild and alliance is the state of SWGoH. Through my time in the SWGoH GameChangers program, I have often been a part of conversations behind the scenes about the game, the developers and the inner-workings of this game that I have been so enthralled with, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. As many have said, “I have never played a game in my life every day for this long!” While my more than 1,000 consecutive days of logging in may seem crazy to some, for others I am sure they can relate.

Recently two GameChangers who I had the privilege to meet in person and get to know over the past two years, AhnaldT101 & Mobile Gamer, asked the question “Is SWGoH on the Decline?” As I watch long-time players burn out and quit or sell their accounts seemingly daily, there is no doubt in my mind that it is indeed on the decline. Many beginnings of articles about my thoughts on why have been deleted from my notes, but the question still remains a relevant one.

Click the graphic below to head to AhnaldT101’s YouTube Channel to view what these two have to say on the topic – Is SWGoH on the Decline?

SWGoH on the decline

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