MSF: Studio Clarifies Elite Store Credits Conversion

The following is a post provided by the FoxNext Studio to help clarify how the Elite Store Credits convert.

Hi all, we want to clarify at which level you’ll receive Elite Red Star Credits when rolling duplicates in the new Elite Store.

When you pull a duplicate red star, or an upgraded red star, it gets converted into currency based on the star number and the Red Star Orb you opened.

  • Basic Red Star Orb – only converts into Elite 4 Credits
  • Elite 4 Star Orb – can convert into Elite 4 Credits (when converting 1-3 red stars) or Elite 5 credits (when converting 4+ red stars)
  • Elite 5 Star Orb – can convert into Elite 4, 5, & 6 Credits
  • Elite 6 & 7 Star Orb – can convert into Elite 4, 5, 6, & 7 Credits

You only get upgraded credits for the next level when you get the same character & star level (or higher) from an Orb of the same tier. For example: If you had a 5-star Drax, and then got another 5-star (or higher) Drax from an Elite 5 Star Orb, you would receive Elite 6-star credits.

However, you would not get upgraded credits for a duplicate if you got the same character & star level but in a lower tier Red Star Orb. For example: If you already had a 5-star Drax, and then got another 5-star (or higher) Drax, but from an Elite ​4 ​Star Orb, you would only receive Elite ​5​-star Credits.

Anything lower than a 4-star will always get converted into Elite 4-star credits. Here’s a spreadsheet of the credits that you will earn depending on the situation:

Elite Store Chart

Please keep in mind that these conversion numbers are subject to change in the future.

Hopefully this answers most of your questions about duplicates but please feel free to post any follow-up questions below and I’ll try to answer them. Thanks!

In addition, Marvel Strike Force Envoy content creator Dorian Blade of the Ravager Report podcast has put together the following infographic:

MSF - Red Star Currency

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