SWGoH: Count Dooku, Nute Gunray to get Reworks for Geonosis Territory Battles

Territory Battles: Geonosis

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes fans got a ton of news on the final day of April as the devs at Capital Games opened up about a great many things. In addition to a detailed explanation of how Protection Up works in SWGoH, we also had a mini Road Ahead update post from Carrie, the Lead Producer for Galaxy of Heroes. In her update, which I applaud the studio for providing to the community, we learned that both Separatist leaders Count Dooku and Nute Gunray will be getting reworks heading into the Dark Side Geonosian Territory Battle. She specifically stated that “these characters are meant to fit into the Territory Battle, specifically, and Nute Gunray is getting a significant rework.”

The takeaways from this are 1) Nute Gunray will become quite relevant in the game after his rework and I expect we will see his kit change significantly. And while Nute will see significant changes, 2) the Count Dooku rework will likely not be a big one, just a rework to better synergize with the Separatist faction in the game. Of course nobody outside of Capital Games knows for sure but this could also be the lead into the oft-mentioned Nute Gunray Capital Ship that has been rumored for the past two years.

Whatever the changes are, I am hopeful that Carrie and her team continue this communication which has been much-improved in the past month or so, and I look forward to these upcoming game updates.

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