SWGoH: CommonDollar’s September 2022 Road Ahead Breakdown

The Road Ahead - SWGoH

In one of the most stunning Road Ahead updates to date, EA Capital Games did not disappoint and pulled out all the stops. One of the more stellar announcements by far-even overshadowing the final requirements for Jabba-is that of a new territory battle!

From CG: “This Territory Battle will take this type of event to a whole new level with multiple paths for Light, Dark or mixed squads…”; as the first TB to feature mixed alignment squads as an option, this is revolutionary in its possibilities.

Several things need to be given a second look with this announcement. Territory Battle Omicrons will suddenly have a wider range of use-for the few that don’t seem like a worthy investment, (looking at you, Carth…). This new TB may make it an essential addition to your roster-and that teams with a mix of light/dark side will gain bonuses. There’s also a good chance that, despite their significant power, most Galactic Legends may be ineffective in this new TB. Considering how Geonosis TB raised the power level requirements to succeed, it’s likely that the same will hold true here – should we prepare for Relic 7 to be the bare minimum to scrape by, and will this be the premier landscape to unveil Relic 10? Finally, the most crucial aspect, what squads will work best, is still up in the air. Let’s break down the 5 most likely factions that will be essential and “must haves.”


#5: Smugglers

The upcoming TB will be set in between episodes 3 and 4, as is the Solo film. The Smuggler faction up to this point has been lackluster in its usefulness, but the new TB opens the venue for this faction. It also allows for additional Smuggler characters to be offered as rewards, such as Tobias Beckett and Dryden Vos. The Prepared mechanic will also likely be critical for some of the generic missions, and Dash Rendar lead would end up being the staple leader of that team, strengthened greatly by the unlockable character(s). There is also the idea of a smuggler fleet mission (think of the Kessel Run) to ponder/hope for.


#4: Hutt Cartel

This should come as no surprise – the release of a new Galactic Legend that has (so far) no restrictions on light/dark side allies is not coincidental by any means. Jabba team comps will likely vary with his requirements, but both Boushh and Skiff Guard Lando seem like strong contenders for the squad (and hopefully Gamorrean Guard/Mob Enforcer get their time to shine as well!). While no new characters may be added for this faction as rewards, it’s hard to ignore the pull of a Galactic Legend that feels within arms reach for veteran/endgame players.


#3: Rebel Fighters/Rogue One

This should also not come as a surprise. Admiral Raddus-led Fighters would fit very thematically as Rogue One was set between the original and prequel trilogies. With the hefty R9 requirement, the investment will show its worth several times over as you battle waves of imperial forces determined to squash the pesky rebellion. This also opens up the avenue for Saw Gererra to enter the game as an inverse version of Mon Mothma.


#2: Starkiller

Starkiller teams will be the bread and butter of this new TB. While already a powerful team, Starkiller could never reach his potential in the existing TB’s due to his extremely unique kit. The mixed options will make this quasi-GL a must-have for this new game mode. This also means select characters from The Force Unleashed games can enter the fray – Rahm as a light side Rebel Jedi would be an amazing addition, as well as Juno, and Maris Brood as the dark side unaligned force user.


#1: Inquisitors

Even with Reva confirmed as a character, this by far will be the most painful of the hero factions. Since it’s specifically set during a time where the Purge is still in effect, combined with CG’s sharp pushing of the faction in multiple critical game modes, it was only a matter of time before they cemented their legacy as essential. It’s also likely that only a Grand Inquisitor lead with high relics – enough to complete their assault battle – will be able to power through this new TB.


And there we have it! The prospect of new game mode content is thrilling to say the least-but will your roster (and your guild) be able to handle it? Until next time, holotable heroes!


By CommonDollar
Gaming-fans.com Staff Writer

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3 Comments on "SWGoH: CommonDollar’s September 2022 Road Ahead Breakdown"

  1. I’m hopeful the TB will have different “phase mechanics” that its previous 4. In my opinion, here are a few changes I’d make:

    1- Don’t make it linear. Have 3-5 different “branches” that guilds can take. Smaller guilds can focus on 1 or 2 branches as a collective, while larger guilds can either break off into teams and tackle branches individually (which could give us some really great competitions within our guilds & put more of a focus on everyone having to pull their weight).

    2- Allow flexibility with each phase. I get the event is 6 days. And that’s fine, but if a guild is finished a phase in the first 12 hours, allow the officers to “end phase” and move to the next one. If that means a team has 3 days left for the final phase, then so be it.

    3- Officers should be able to deploy on behalf of members in the last 2 hours of a phase. Life happens. And if QoL is truly a high priority for CG, then this should be a no brainer.

    4- Have a unique command list for each phase. Officers have 6 temporary messages they can save when giving instructions to their guild. How about 6 temporary messages for each phase?

    I could honestly come up with many more.

    • Love the comments! I would add to figure out a way that this new TB does NOT conflict with Conquest. I find LS TB a pain in the butt when busy as it is, but to have Conquest and LS TB at the same time is terrible for endgames who are super serious about the game. If they can have this new TB opposite of the Conquest calendar I will be a huge fan on day one! – LJ

      • I’m with you on that 100%. GAC, Conquest and LSTB being run at the same time is brutal. Also, conquest needs to either be longer (without adding content) or cut out 2 sectors and leave it 13 days.

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