SWGoH: Nute Gunray’s rework and “Extortion” explained by CG

SWGoH - Nute Gunray

The recent rework of Nute Gunray and the addition of Extortion to the game has led to a lot of questions and head-scratching by a confused player base. Capital Games was kind enough to seek to explain all of this last night on the EA Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes forums. Here is that post in its entirety from CG_SBCrumb:

Hi Holotable Heroes,

I’ve seen some good questions around Nute Gunray’s kit so I’ve put together a short FAQ of the hottest topics.

“In time, the suffering of your people will persuade you to see our point of view” – Nute Gunray

  • Q: How does Extortion work?
  • A: Extortion is an ability that you grant to enemies. They can choose to “spend” Extortion during their turn to get rid of it. If they do – you gain “Profit”. If they don’t, Nute’s kit has many ways to punish enemies who deny him his payment.
  • Q:When does the AI prioritize Extortion? What about Raid Bosses?
  • A: In most cases, the AI will use their other specials first, then use Extortion, and finally their basic – so it’s fairly easy to predict when the computer player will use it. Raid Bosses handle this the same way that other units do, but Raid bosses are of course immune to healing. You can extort raid bosses, and if the AI would choose to use it’s Basic Ability, it will instead use Extortion. This helps slow down the bosses rotations without making it too unpredictable – and Profit stacks up to 50% and will persist through encounters.
  • Q: Is the Cooldown Reduction resistible on Motivate?
  • A: Yes, unlike most other characters, his cooldown reduction can be resisted by the enemy team.
  • Q:Why does he revive? He doesn’t come back to life in the movies!
  • A: His revive is mostly based on how slippery a Separatist he is – He manages to escape almost every time he is captured!
  • Q:Can Nute Gunray be revive more than once?
  • A: Yes, but not from his Unique, Viceroy’s Reach. Viceroy’s Reach only allows him to revive the first time he is defeated.

As always, for help on how to mod the reworked Nute Gunray, look to Gaming-fans.com’s Best Mods for Galaxy of Heroes characters section of the site.

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