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SWGoH - Mod Slicing

Now we all farm mods, and we all slice mods, but the biggest question people tend to ask is when should I be farming mods and when should I be slicing mods? I am here to help you answer that very question.

To start with, I find the most important aspect of a game like Galaxy of Heroes is to set rules for how you farm and how you spend your resources in game. The truth is without rules it can be far too easy to fall into the many traps in this game and waste your resources. Each time you do there is someone hoping that you decide to fix that mistake you made with a small (or large) purchase. Now, while rules can’t prevent all mistakes, I do find that they at the very least make decisions easy and at least lessen the temptations.

I am a long time player, having started in December 2015, and I have a large store of mods. While I freely admit that what works for me may not work for everyone, I do ask that you take a look and feel free to adapt to your own circumstances. Also please note that I understand there are exceptions to every rule, but for 90%+ of all characters in this game you will want to have as much speed as possible with any other stats being secondary. So rather than dwell on the small portion of characters that truly don’t need speed I will be talking towards the vast majority that need speed above all else.



  • Have mods equipped on every character
  • Have all mods equipped with a speed as a secondary stat (primary stat for arrows)
  • Have 1-2 top sets of mods for Arena teams
  • Have a speed set on most characters

The last goal is kind of an odd one, in truth most characters you want something other than speed sets, but the reality is that the faster team most often wins, and unless you get lucky with some really good mods, the extra 9-17 speed you get from a speed set is almost impossible to ignore.


Rules for Mod Farming:

  1. Set a currency threshold for yourself (for me its 100 million credits and 10 million ship building materials) do not ever buy a mod from the story when you are below these thresholds
  2. When you are below the thresholds don’t even look at the mod store
  3. In the mod store only buy gold mods that are showing a speed secondary of 5 or higher.
  4. Assuming you have mods equipped on every character you are generally better off farming mod slicing materials than farming mods
  5. If you do farm mods, farm speed set mods
  6. Immediately sell any mods that are not 5* mods
  7. Level all 5* mods until all their secondary stats are showing, grey goes to 12, green to 9 etc.
  8. Sell any mods that don’t have a speed secondary.
    1. For arrows keep speed primaries, and if you want to keep any others, like offense primary, then follow rule 8 like any other mod.

Since these rules are fairly short and to the point I will provide a brief explanation for each of them below.

  1. When new characters or ships are released, I may need to level them in a hurry. As a result, keeping a reasonable reserve can be critical if you want to unlock the latest characters from events. Plus following this rule will often mean you have some credits if something pops up and you want to break the rule.
  2. If you want to avoid temptation, your are best off not even looking at the Mod Store
  3. This one is simple, if you buy a purple mod for 3.48 million, or a gold mod for 3.91 million, which is more valuable to you, 430k credits, or the 50 slicing materials, and 90k credits it will cost to slice that mod to gold? Keep in mind those 50 materials likely cost 600 energy to farm as well. With limited resources only gold mods are worth the credits, because you don’t have to slice them.
  4. The beauty of slicing mods is that you can focus on mods that are already good, you know your investment will pay off; you simply don’t know that with mod farming. Assuming we want speed to increase, every 4 mods you slice statistically one of them will increase in speed.
  5. This rule comes back to limited resources, lacking god mods in just the right sets you will probably end up putting speed sets on most characters, so farm the mods you will need the most of. Also considering mythic events, and some other events award mods, which are typically health set or some other set, just through organic playing of the game you will acquire a large stockpile of other mods (not to mention mods you buy in the store).
  6. This rule is totally a judgment call, but for me it works, I want mods I can slice to be better, anything I can’t slice is just using up my credits.
  7. Since slicing entered the game I can honestly say that some of my best mods started out as grey, that is because all mods are now statistically equal, the only difference is how many resources you have to put into them. So please don’t throw away a mod before finding out if it has any speed.
  8. This one seems pretty simple, but let me also add, if you want a mod with a high offense or a high crit chance, don’t worry about it. It absolutely will happen organically in time if you do not obsess over the stat. So by only keeping mods with speed secondaries it means two things, 1) every mod you have has a chance to have great speed, and two the mods you will get with other high secondary stats, will also have at least a little speed for you.


Mod Slicing Tips

I hope those rules make sense because now I am going to move on to slicing rules, but before I get into the slicing rules I am going to state a few general facts and assumptions.

Each time you slice a mod there is a 25% chance that you will get an increase to speed, that increase can be anywhere between 3-6.  The drop rate on all slicing materials is equal, and it is slightly greater than 1 material per sim. But for easy math I’m going to assume one material per sim.

  • Grey mods need 10 materials (120 energy)
  • Green mods need 20 materials (240 energy)
  • Blue mods need 35 materials (420 energy)
  • Purple mods need 50 materials (600 energy)

If you do 3 refreshes per day, you will have 645 daily energy, or 53 materials per day. So while upgrading a purple mod to gold is 1 per day, upgrading grey to green is 5+ per day. So without further ado, here are my personal rules for slicing mods.

  1. Start with your cheapest to slice mods, why because they are cheap, and only ¼ of the mods you slice will hit speed.
  2. Slice all grey mods that have speed regardless of how much speed
  3. Once all your grey mods are sliced, next slice any green mods that are showing a speed of 10 or higher. These are your high potential mods that have already hit speed once, and not by small rolls.
  4. Next slice your blue mods that are showing speed of 14+ these are your mods which have 2 chances to hit 20 speed or higher, and that will almost always be an arena quality mod.
  5. Now your purple mods, while this can be expensive, the same rule applies, 14 speed or higher is worth slicing.
  6. Once all of these mods are sliced it is worth going back and slicing any remaining blue mods that have speed 10 or higher. These have likely missed speed once already, but 1 out of 16 of these mods should hit speed twice and has a chance to add between 6-12 more speed.
  7. For myself I will even go back and slice any green mods with 5 speed or better at this point.
  8. Once you have completed the first seven rules, go back and start again, see if you missed anything, or if any mods got good enough to deserve another slice.
  9. Once rule 8 is complete now it’s time to go farm some mods, personally I find 1-2 days per week of mod farming, coupled with all the mods we get from events is more than enough to replenish the mods in need of slicing, just remember level all your mods till you have seen their stats, and sell anything without speed.

I hope these mod farming and slicing rules will provide you as much help as they did me. Also once this article is posted I will also copy it to Reddit, so if you have any question feel free to ask there.


By Sparrow
BHG Black Sun Guild Officer
Gaming-fans.com Staff Writer

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