MSF: Complete Guide to Ultimus VII – Event Release

MSF - Ultimus Raid Tier 7

Ultimus VII was just released today, and you may have realised that it is a little different to the other Ultimus Raids. Unlike Ultimus VI, this is a limited time Event Raid that will require separate tickets from the regular Ultimus tickets to launch. You will be able to launch this Raid by acquiring First Strike Raid Keys, which can be acquired through completing Ultimus VI at 100%. It seems like acquiring the tickets may be the easiest part of the whole event, as Ultimus VII is lining up to be the most difficult event to date. MSF Devs have used phrases like a “challenge unlike any other” and “toughest challenge to date,” terms which suggest that this raid is looking to be even tougher than Fear the Darkness.


Ultimus VII – Requirements:

To unlock the chance to attempt this raid, you will need to complete Ultimus VI at 100% over the next 30 days that this new raid will be active. Each completion of Ultimus VI will give an Alliance 2100 First Strike Raid Keys, which will go towards the 14,400 you will need to launch Ultimus VII. After this, you will be able to launch the raid and take on Ultimus VII and whatever challenges it brings.

Here are the recommendations for the raid;

  • Squad Level 75+
  • Gear Tier 12+
  • Ability Level 7+
  • Red Stars 4+

Although these are the recommendations, I do believe that these are most likely required in order to try and reach for 100% completion of Ultimus VII, as most of these recommendations aren’t even possible in the game currently. We are currently unable to reach above level 75, let alone greater than it, as the recommendations suggest. On top of this, ability level 7 is currently the max. With this in mind, I do believe that this raid will be extremely hard to make a dent into unless you are one of the top Alliances in the world. This also brings light to possible increases in the level cap and new ability upgrades coming in the near future, so be prepared for this if you are trying to plan ahead!


Ultimus VII – The Raid: 

Here is a graphic outlining the entire raid:

MSF - Ultimus Tier 7

Analysing this graphic shows the incredibly difficult layout of this raid, a task that only few Alliances will probably see the end of for the foreseeable future. 


Ultimus VII – The Rewards:

The rewards from this raid look incredible, giving stuff that everyone is in desperate need of!

These rewards include; 

  • T4 Ability Materials
  • Orange Gear Raid Ord Fragments
  • Orange Elite Ord Fragments
  • And More!

These rewards are just what everyone needs right now! Let’s now look at the individual tier rewards!

Tier 1 Rewards – 30% Completion: 

MSF - Ultimus Tier 7 Rewards

Tier 2 Rewards – 60% Completion: 

MSF - Ultimus Tier 7 Rewards

Tier 3 Rewards – 100% Completion: 

MSF - Ultimus Tier 7 Rewards

From the look of things, Ultimus VII is easily looking to be the biggest challenge yet. However, it comes with the best rewards to date! Good luck for this raid Commanders, we will all need it!


By Arsenal MSF Staff Writer

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