MSF: Fear The Darkness Live Blog – Mission 1

MSF - Fear The Darkness

Fear The Darkness is the ultimate endgame content in Marvel Strike Force, and I am pleased to finally be able to meet the qualifications to fight this game mode for the first time on June 18th, 2019 (5+ characters at Gear 13 are needed to enter). I spent (way too) many power cores refreshing the store to find those elusive superior unique gear pieces to finish each of the five characters below. Luckily I used the chart on that page to plan ahead and I was selective on which pieces I bought to ensure my resources were not wasted. While my team makeup is not ideal, I do have multiple Gear 12 characters in the works as well, including Nick Fury, Jessica Jones and Star-Lord.

While this may not be an ideal team makeup for this game mode, I am going to live blog my daily attempts as I look to defeat the Dark Dimension and open Ultron.

Also be sure to check out the video linked in the graphic below from Marvel Strike Force Envoy YouTuber Khasino as he reviews Fear The Darkness Battle 1 as well. Note that Khasino’s content is Rated PG-13 (language).


My Fear The Darkness team:

  • Black Panther – 69,548 power, Level 70, Gear 13, Level 6 attack abilities, Level 5 unique ability – 7 Stars, 6 Red Stars
  • Minn-erva – 52,249 power, Level 70, Gear 13, Level 6 attack abilities, Level 5 unique ability – 6 Stars, 4 Red Stars
  • Black Widow – 50,719 power, Level 70, Gear 13, Level 6 attack abilities, Level 4 unique ability – 6 Stars, 4 Red Stars
  • Thanos – 49,920 power, Level 70, Gear 13, Level 6 attack abilities, Level 5 unique ability – 7 Stars, 2 Red Stars
  • Captain Marvel – 48,132 power, Level 70, Gear 13, Level 7 basic, Level 6 other attack abilities, Level 5 unique ability – 6 Stars, 2 Red Stars


Fear The Darkness – Mission 1

Doctor Strange, 1.27m power

06.17.19 – The first thing I notice out of the gate is that Jessica Jones is a character you want in this game mode. While mine if Gear 12 +3 pieces (the Superior piece already equipped), I quickly see the need for a character or characters who can clear debuffs. I made a small dent in the health of a few enemies, but Scarlet Witch is going to have to be a focus of my early attacks to ensure this does not take weeks to beat this first board.

MSF - Fear The Darkness - Khasino06.18.19 – Mordo’s heal block AoE and Drax’s taunt are huge obstacles on this board, and I just hate facing Dr. Strange. While today will fair no better than yesterday, my overall goal is to take out Scarlet Witch and Dr. Strange first, then work my way through the full 25 enemies.

I was able to kill off Scarlet Witch while leaving 6 of the 7 enemies on the screen in yellow health, but of course Dr. Strange brought her back to life. I was able to knock her off again and left many of the enemies, including Dr. Strange, with red health as I look ahead to tomorrow’s battle. Now two battles into the Fear The Darkness mode and I have put up 2.7m damage thus far.

06.19.19 – My third attempt will have the same five characters, although I am getting closer on JJ and Star-Lord, but that will likely take another week or so to get them to Gear 13.

Battle time. 9.4m of 12.1m left to take down on the first battle. 4 of the 7 opponents are red health, 2 in yellow health. Dang Drax and his taunt to start battles… I was able to get past his taunt and take out Dr. Strange which is a huge win, then two Elektras and a second Spider-Man joined the battle just as I killed off Iron Man and Drax. Black Panther, while not ideal on this team, was able to kill Korath on one turn, then Kree Royal Guard the next which is a huge boost as I have 19 enemies remaining.

After some success my screen now shows 19/25 enemies remaining, 8 of which are against me currently. All are green health except the original Spider-Man in red, so I will focus on him. After killing Spider, Mordo (full health) is my target given all of his heal blocks and blind debuffs. Black Widow has stunned Mood twice now and BP just finished him off as my team’s health, thanks to Minn-erva, is in great shape with 17/25 remaining. Focusing now on Korath and Iron Man as I seem to be surviving their attacks very well with this team now that Mordo and the heal block are gone. The second Kree Royal Guard keeps taunting, but Captain Marvel dispels that rather quickly, allowing me to continue to focus on attackers. Now Korath is down so is my Thanos, but ME revives him and an AoE has him back to green health. One of two Elektras are now gone, but the reinforcements have arrived.

Today’s battle is a long one, so here is where we are at. 14/25 enemies remain after 10 kills today. 7 enemies are on the screen now including two Spider-Man, two Koraths, Elektra, Kree Royal Guard and a newly-implanted Scarlet Witch. Two are in yellow health – a Spider-Man and Elektra. My plan now is to go 100% at Scarlet Witch to remove their healing options. A stun landed on SW means the door is open to finish off Elektra and the weaker Spider-Man, so I have 12/25 now and 5 on the screen. Several attacks back and forth and BP finished SW off, but my Minn-erva is now red on health. Keeping her alive is key to this battle continuing (today), so I am hoping for a little luck now. Killing the KRG and getting a ME heal in plus a Thanos taunt has me feeling much better as 10/25 remain and 3 on  the screen. I kill off a Korath and it happens…

Now 9/25 enemies remaining and 7 on the screen after 5 reinforcements arrive. I now have a taunting Drax (ugh), Korath (yellow health), Dr. Strange (double ugh), two Spider-Men (one red health), Iron Man and Elektra. My focus will be Dr. Strange to (hopefully) prevent revives, but Drax is a pain in the you-know-what.

A little luck on my side as Captain Marvel dispels Drax’s taunt and a bleed kills the older Spider-Man, so I am nearly full health across the team with 6 enemies in front of me and Dr. Strange preparing for my barrage of attacks. A bleed, slow and then stun debuff from my team on the Doc has me in a better spot, but Drax just taunted again and my Minn-erva got stunned and took 3 straight hits to put her health at yellow. Everyone is still alive when CM dispels the taunt, but Thanos and ME are yellow and BW is red. I land a stun on Dr. Strange and then several hits later I finish him off which heals my team even more after a ME heal. Now 5v5 and my team is looking good again! BP finishes off Korath and then Spidey is dead too, and the team is back to full health just in time for Mordo and a final Korath to appear.

5/25 enemies remaining including Korath (full), Drax (yellow), Mordo (full), Iron-Man (about 65%) and Elektra (about 70%). I am going all-out on Mordo, knowing a Drax taunt will disrupt things a bit. BW’s stun has been huge in this battle which further proves why MobileGamer calls Black Widow one of the best stand alone characters in Marvel Strike Force. Many attacks later Mordo is dead, then Drax from bleeds and adjacent attacks, so I have Iron Man as my focus with Elektra and Korath remaining. At this point it’s no-contest as I will go into the second battle with 5 full-health units and cooldowns almost completely refreshed.

My reward for that 10+ minute battle? 200k gold and 8k gold orb fragments.


After opening Ultron:

After opening Ultron you fight these battles once again in order to power him up and gain more rewards, only this time you have a lot more orange gear and (hopefully) more Gear 13 characters. While I am not going to live blog these battles, I will share my teams and results in case that helps others see what is effective. I now have 10 at Gear 13: Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Jessica Jones, Minn-erva, Nick Fury, Phoenix, Star-Lord, Thanos and Vision.

Day 1, Battle 1 (1 total): Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Thanos, Minn-Erva and Jessica Jones (259k) – I was able to kill off 2 of the enemies, but they were key to the long-term success on this board in Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch.

Day 1 Battle 2 (2 total): Phoenix, Star-Lord, Black Panther, Nick Fury and Vision (288k) – I had a lot more luck on number of enemies defeated thanks to a nice setup from the first battle. I ended with 16 of 25 enemies remaining with the 5 on-screen all between 10-60% health.

Day 2 Battle 1 (3 total): Captain Marvel, Star-Lord, Thanos, Minn-Erva and Jessica Jones (260k) – With this team I focused on weakening all enemies to below 10% health before reinforcements arrived and using Star-Lord next to Thanos to spam ability energy again and again. Whenever Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch or Mordo show up I make them the top priority in an effort to shorten the battle as much as possible. Drax was the last enemy standing and I was able to reset most of my abilities and end the battle with full health as a result.


Fear The Darkness Live Blog Battles:

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