MSF Community Update: New Recurring Milestone Rewards

Marvel Strike Force

The Marvel Strike Force Dev Team released a community update last night, briefly touching on the week ahead and the new content that will be coming with it. It looks like we will be having an array of new events to participate in, including the new raid-style event Ultimus 7. It also looks like our chances of earning more free character shards is on its way!



First up are the new recurring milestone rewards. Unlike the current Captain Marvel milestones and other milestones, we are used to, these new milestones are looking to be drastically different! The milestones will be rewarding many freebies such as;

  • New Milestone Orb Fragments
  • Power Cores
  • Advanced Basic Catalyst Parts
  • Orange Gear Orb Fragments
  • T4 Orange Ability Materials

Although Captain Marvel’s milestones are coming to an end within the next 3-4 days, it looks like we are getting some sweet rewards that are very rare to come by! Make sure you smash out the milestones for Captain Marvel before she departs from them.

It looks like Captain Marvel will be getting a replacement in the milestone rewards, as these new rewards are only temporary until the new character is released.



As I discussed above, there will be a new milestone orb that we will earn by completing milestones. The orb will be dropping up to 10 character shards in the middle pillar, with Captain Marvel having the highest drop rate out of any character at 9 times the usual! The other pillar’s include gear materials and orb fragments, with elite 4 currency to add to that list. Looks like we will be getting some juicy rewards!



Ultimus VII is just around the corner, bringing with it the toughest challenge to date. The raid-style event will be unlocked through completing Ultimus VI at 100% and earning tickets to unlock the Ultimus VII Raid. The first Alliance to 100% this new raid 3 times will be rewarded through a special competition with the introduction of the new raid. The rewards are unknown as of now, but if they are anything like previous rewards we are in for a treat!

Good luck to everyone who will attempt Ultimus VII!


America Chavez is being awarded her first Blitz on Monday, June 17th. If you love your brawler teams, make sure you give it your all this blitz!



Finally, there will be a Relic Hunt event to rank up your Hand characters. There will be double Hand character shards for 24 hours in their respective nodes in the upcoming Need a Hand event to give you a boost with your Hand farming!


All the best this week everyone,


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