SWGoH: How to Win in Territory Wars

SWGoH - Territory Wars

How do you win at TW? The obvious answer is to get more banners than your opponent. In certain situations if you get a favourable match up, you can achieve this putting up a defence that will stop your opponent. The way I prefer to look at it is if you put up a perfect score on offence then you can not lose. Worst case scenario is a tie. A perfect score is difficult to achieve but it should be the goal of your guild. Your guild must clear the other guild more efficiently than your opponent. Your guild must work together as one unit. It starts with following the direction of TW leaders on which squads to buikld for offence and defence. And then learning to mod and use those squads properly. Every guild member needs 8 character squads and 2 ship squads to fill out defence and win on offence. If the load is shared equally among all guild members efficiency will increase. If only 8 squads and 2 ships are required per guild member then it naturally makes sense that all guild members should be working towards the best 8 squads in the game.


Every guild regardless of their level should be working toward the top 8 squads in the game for TW. Some guilds are guilds are farther away from this than others but it should be the goal.


Top 8 Territory Wars Squads

  • Darth Revan – DR, BSF, Malak and then a combination of either SiT, Maurader, or HK47 depending speeds and the star level of your Malak.
  • Jedi Knight Revan – JKR, GMY, Bastila, Jolee, and Thrawn. This is currently the most reliable counter to the darth revan squad if your oppenent places it on defence
  • CLS – CLS, Han Solo, Chewie are the core of the squad. The remaining 2 can filled with r2, c3po, chaze or Ezra. This is a very powerful squad that can beat any other in the game although it takes a great deal of skill and proper mods to beat either revan
  • Traya – Traya, Sion, DN, are the core. The remaining 2 can any of Dooku,SA, SiT, EP, or Vader. This squad can beat any squad except DR/malak. Thrawn is needed to beat JKR though and he is better used against DR
  • Nightsisters – AV, MT, Spirit, Old Daka, Zombie. A great squad for defence that when geared and modded properly requires a meta squad to counter it.
  • Galactic Republic – Padme, Snips, JKA, GK, are the core. The remaining slot can be filled by C3po, Bariss, or Shaak Ti. When modded properly this squad can beat any other in the game.
  • GG droids – GG, B2, B1, Droideka, Magnaguard. A good defensive squad that requires a meta team to beat it. Great on offence as well
  • JTR – JTR and BB8 are the core of the squad. The third should be either RT or Finn for damage. The remaining two should be droids to speed up BB8. A good squad that can beat BH, scoundrels and FO

While working on the top 8 there are some filler squads that guilds will have available due their being nessecary to either get the top 8 or achieve other in game goals. These include BH, Carth OR, FO and Imperial Troopers.

  • Bounty Hunters – Jango lead, Bossk, Boba, Dengar and Zam. Bossk lead can also be used but bossk needs to be over 300 speed to go before Starck or they will be easily beaten by Imperial Troopers
  • First Order – Kru, Kylo ren, FOST, FOX, The fifth can be FOO, FOSFTP, or Bariss. A tough squad to beat when modded properly
  • Carth Old Republic – Carth, Mission, Zaalbar are the core. Remaining 2 can be any of Canderous, Juhani and Wampa. Decent defensive squad that regens health and protection.
  • Imperial Troopers – Veers, Starck, Range, Death and either Snow or Shore. A good squad that can beat many squads on offence if well geared and modded. Can be a trap though as they are somewhat RNG dependant



  • Admiral Ackbar – MiLF, Biggs, Bistan with Phantom 2, Ghost, Cassian and Lando Falcon. This is obviously the top fleet and very difficult to beat without anything but a mirror
  • Mace Windu – HT, XB, Umbaran Starfighter with Anakin, Plo Koon, Snips and Clone Sargeant. Difficult to beat without MiLF but can be done with Geos with a Maxed Spy as reinforcement
  • Thrawn – Sun Fac, Geo Spy, Geo soldier with Tie x1, Reaper, Slave 1, and Scimitar. There are many variations here but a good offensive squad can be made with the remaining ships

Almost any combination of the top 8 can be used for either offence or defence. NS are generally good on defence because many players dont realize the difference between an average NS squad and a very well modded and max geared NS squad. Traditional NS counters such as IT and EP will have a difficult time with maxed sisters. DR will also most likely get you some losses on defence but to place him there your guild must be prepared to use the JKR/Thrawn counter(or possibly CLS or Padme) agaisnt the opponents DR should it happen to be on defence.

Offence is the most important part of TW. Generally a TW is won or lost on the offensive efficiency of your guild. To maximize your guilds efficiency you must USE THE BEST COUNTER THAT YOU HAVE AVAILABLE. This point cant be stressed enough. For example, if you have 50 of each JKR, GR, CLS and Traya available for offence there is no reason to use a more RNG dependant squad such as IT or Ewoks as a counter.

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