SWGoH: The Best & Worst Relic Upgrades for the Separatist faction

SWGoH - Relics - Geonosian Spy

Relic Amplifiers hit Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes last week and basically changed the game overnight for endgame players. Why Capital Games chose to go this far with another non-content update so soon after the introduction of Gear 13 is something that only their investors can appreciate, but for the suckers out there like myself, and for those of your reading this months after it is originally published, I am hopeful that this content will help you in your choices for Relic Amplifier upgrades. Note that we are already working on additional content that is more character-specific on the topic of Relics, and more faction summaries like this one will be published throughout the week.

The data used below comes straight from swgoh.gg – one of the best resources you will find anywhere for this game. They only deal with data, while this site is all about interpreting that data to answer questions. As a result we are starting this Best Relic Upgrades section of our site as we break down each faction and specific characters in the game to help you determine where to best use your highly valuable Relic resources.


Which Separatists are Relic Winners?

A look at the specific stats gained from Relic Amplifiers that are taken all the way to Level 7 and we find that Count Dooku gets a significant Health boost from his Relic upgrade at +19,440. Four of the five Geonosians gain over 17k Health with Sun Fac and Geonosian Brood Alpha both gaining over 19k. Droideka, B2 and IG-100 MagnaGuard actually all rank above General Grievous in Health gained, each with more than 19k, and Asajj Ventress is in line with them in Health gains from her Relic upgrade as well.

On the Offensive side, Count Dooku leads all characters in SWGoH with a 122.31% increase in Physical Damage while Poggle The Lesser, Jango Fett and Geonosian Spy get boosts of around 80%. Overall none of the Geonosians get huge increases, but with the swarming nature of their attacks the added Physical Damage from the three that benefit the most here, Geo Spy, Soldier and Poggle, will be a welcome addition. Looking at Physical Critical Chance, both Geo Spy and Soldier once again get some very nice increases, both of over 33% CC with Relic upgrades. Count Dooku, Asajj, Nute Gunray, Jango Fett and General Grievous get similar gains when upgraded. For Critical Damage, Count Dooku, Nute Gunray, Jango Fett and both Geonosian Spy and Soldier all gain 13.5%. Finally, looking at Accuracy, Geo Brood Alpha, Droideka, Wat Tambor and Poggle The Lesser all gain 13.5% in that stat as well.

The final category of stats listed on swgoh.gg is the Misc category. This consists of Health Steal, Resistance Penetration and Armor Penetration. The Separatist faction sees 4 characters gain 6.75% Health Steal – Geo Brood Alpha, Sun Fac, IG-100 MagnaGuard & B2 Super Battle Droid. Meanwhile GBA and Droideka both gain significant Resistance Penetration and Armor Penetration.


Irrelevant & Misleading Relic Stat Gains:

These stats are mentioned for educational purposes as we have found in writing these faction-specific Relic guides that many of the gains from Relics are misleading.

  • B1 Battle Droid gets the 7th highest Health boost in the game, yet has just 1 Health in SWGoH per his kit
  • General Grievous and Wat Tambor both appear to have high gains in Physical and Special Damage from their Relic upgrades, however Grievous’ attacks deal damage based on his Max Health instead of his Physical Damage, and Wat Tambor does not actually do damage from attacks


What are the Best Relic Amplifier Upgrades for the Separatists?

A look at the data and understanding of the gameplay of SWGoH tells me that the gains from Relics are going to have a very positive impact on the Separatist faction. As we continue to progress in the Geonosis: Separatist Might Territory Battle for Dark Side characters, the Separatists are incredibly important and these enhancements will undoubtedly make beating the Acklay and other missions much easier. Here is a look at some winners from promotion of Relics to Level 7:

Count Dooku – Dooku leads all characters in SWGoH with a 122.31% increase in Physical Damage and gets solid Armor and Resistance stat boosts to help his survivability. His Mastery stats are CC, CD and Damage which means he will hit significantly harder if upgraded to Relic Level 7.

General Grievous – Comparatively speaking, General Grievous’ gains from Relic Amplifiers are quite average. But when you have a character that is near or at the top of the META, especially one with a crazy good AoE, they’re bound to turn heads. In our General Grievous Relic review article it states “The most notable stat increase by far, however, is Critical Chance. A Level 7 relic gives Grievous a 33.92% increase to his Critical Chance, taking it from 40.98% to 74.5%. With how high Grievous’s damage potential is, you want him critting as much as he can (especially under an IG-88 lead against a Darth Revan team). As an added bonus, these stats are all included in the base stats so they will be factored in before mods.”

Geonosian Spy – I almost did not put Geo Spy on this list to keep that as my little secret since I already have him at Relic Level 5, however we all can see the same data, so this is not really a secret. He gains 2,884 Physical Damage (a 78.69% damage increase), over 33% Critical Chance and 13.5% Critical Damage from upgrading his Geonosian Spear to Relic Level 7, and he was the key to my beating the Acklay Special Mission in the Geonosis: Separatist Might Territory Battles. Expect that battle to become MUCH more manageable moving forward and for Geonosian Spy to be an even bigger piece to the success of the Geonosian faction.

Jango Fett – Jango Fett was already a very good character who fits with Separatists and Bounty Hunters alike, but we would be remiss if we did not call out his gains from a Level 7 Relic upgrade. He gets a boost of around 80% for his Physical Damage stat, over 30% Critical Chance and 13.5% Critical Damage for a character that already hit pretty hard. Much like Geonosian Spy above, Jango Fett should continue to grow into a larger importance as an attacker depending on how he is used.

Honorable Mention – Geonosian Soldier, Asajj Ventress


Which Separatist characters should I avoid taking to Relic Level 7?

While this does not necessarily mean that you should NOT take your Separatist characters to Relic Level 7, based on the data and comparison to other Separatist stats, I am not planning to take the following characters any higher than I have them on my roster currently:

B1 Battle Droid – The “lost stats” in these upgrades really stink for a few characters, B1 Battle Droid included. I mention these as irrelevant or mislead above, as B1 Battle Droid gets the 7th highest Health boost in the game, but because he has just 1 Health in SWGoH this simply does not matter. Since Speed and Offense are the two stats that matter for this character, and Speed is NOT impacted by Relics, the only area he will gain is Offense (Damage). So while this stat will improve he will not see the gains in other areas that nearly all other characters will see.

Droideka – Droideka is often replaced in Territory Wars and the Grand Arena Championships, so his value is the lowest of the Separatist Droids. While his Offensive gains are solid in comparison to the other Separatists, this is more because of his lower value in the lineup of 15 Separatists in the game today.




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