HPWU Achievements: Distinct Spells Cast

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite offers players a variety of challenges throughout the game. From fighting in Wizarding Challenges (Fortresses) and adding Foundables to the Registry, to accomplishing the SOS Assignments, Brilliant Events and Achievements, players of HPWU have many thing to keep them busy. As a part of our HPWU questions answered series we seek to take a deeper dive into the many Achievements in the game and to define each of the Achievements, from the simple to the complex.

HPWU AchievementsIn this article we take a look at the Distinct Spells Cast Achievement, probably the most limiting Achievement in HPWU.


Distinct Spells Cast

Harry Potter Wizards Unite features a variety of Foundables that a player can add to their Registry, and while many use the same spells to “catch” them, at the time of this writing there are only 13 distinct spells in the game. At this point in the game, just a fe months after the global launch, 15 spells are used regularly:

  • Accio
  • Aguamenti
  • Alohomora
  • Arresto Momentum
  • Bombarda
  • Combat Bolt (generic)
  • Diffindo
  • Ebublio
  • Expecto Patronum
  • Finite
  • Flipendo
  • Herbivicous
  • Incendio
  • Meteolojinx Recanto
  • Riddikulus

However, despite 15 spells being used in-game, players only get credit for 13 of them. It is unclear at this time which two do not “count” toward this Achievement.

The third tier of this Achievement, Distinct Spells Cast III, rewards 5 coins once you reach 20 distinct spells cast.

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