HPWU Achievements: Defensive Spells Cast

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite offers players a variety of challenges throughout the game. From fighting in Wizarding Challenges (Fortresses) and adding Foundables to the Registry, to accomplishing the SOS Assignments, Brilliant Events and Achievements, players of HPWU have many thing to keep them busy. As a part of our HPWU questions answered series we seek to take a deeper dive into the many Achievements in the game and to define each of the Achievements, from the simple to the complex.

HPWU AchievementsIn this article we take a look at the Defensive Spells Cast Achievement, another one of the more straightforward Achievements in HPWU.


Defensive Spells Cast

There are two areas where you have to battle in Harry Potter Wizards Unite – against Oddities on the map and in Wizarding Challenges (Fortress battles). For this Achievement, we get to count both types of battles. Anytime you face an Oddity on the map or battle in a Fortress, the chance to cast Protego to lessen the impact of the attack from your enemy is there. This specific Achievement will progress organically based on your encounters with Oddities and battles in Wizarding Challenges/Fortresses.

The third tier of this Achievement, Defensive Spells Cast III, rewards 10 Abraxan Hair when you cast Protego 20,000 times against Oddities or in Wizarding Challenges (Fortress battles).

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