HPWU: Erumpent Horns & Where to Find Them

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One of the newest ingredients in the game for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the Erumpent Horn, is a necessary ingredient in the new Tonic for Trace Detection potion. However, much like Unicorn Hair, Erumpent Horns are not easily found in-game. Below we will help you in your quest to find Erumpent Horns as part of our HPWU questions answered series.

The cone-shaped Erumpent Horn comes from the magical beast called an Erumpent, described by the Harry Potter Wiki as “It resembled a rhinoceros with a roundish body. It was a powerful creature, with a thick hide capable of repelling most curses and charms, a single long horn, and a thick tail. They were treated with great caution and respect by African wizards and witches.” In addition, the Erumpent Horn “could pierce skin and metal, and the horn contained a deadly fluid that caused whatever was injected with it to explode.”

In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the Erumpent Horn was added to the game on September 6, 2019 along with the Tonic for Trace Detection and the three other ingredients needed in the new potion with the Erumpent Horn being the hard-to-find item of the four needed. At this point there are two areas in the game that we know of to find the Erumpent Horn – in Traces as you walk about the map and in Portkeys. While the Erumpent Horn is a very rare item to see lying on the ground, it is indeed available this way. In my experience, the Erumpent Horn is the most rare item to find in a Portkey’s rewards, more rare than Unicorn Hair, however the one time I did receive Erumpent Horns in a Portkey it came as 8 Erumpent Horns at once. This was in a 10km Portkey, so the rewards are obviously better, but if this is an ingredient that you really need, the 10km Portkeys are a great place to start your search. In the meantime, continue to search the ground at common spawn areas and near Greenhouses, Fortresses and Inns.

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