SWGoH: The Best & Worst Relic Upgrades for the Jedi faction

SWGoH - Relics - Jedi Knight Anakin

Relic Amplifiers hit Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes last week and basically changed the game overnight for endgame players. Why Capital Games chose to go this far with another non-content update so soon after the introduction of Gear 13 is something that only their investors can appreciate, but for the suckers out there like myself, and for those of your reading this months after it is originally published, I am hopeful that this content will help you in your choices for Relic Amplifier upgrades. Note that we are already working on additional content that is more character-specific on the topic of Relics, and more faction summaries like this one will be published throughout the week.

The data used below comes straight from swgoh.gg – one of the best resources you will find anywhere for this game. They deal with straight data, while this site is all about interpreting that data to answer questions. As a result we are starting this Best Relic Upgrades section of our site as we break down each faction and specific characters in the game to help you determine where to best use your highly valuable Relic resources.


Which Jedi are Relic Winners?

A look at the specific stats gained from Relic Amplifiers that are taken all the way to Level 7 and we find that Barriss Offee, Jolee Bindo, Jedi Consular, Luminara Unduli & Ahsoka Tano all get nice Health gains while Plo Koon & Mace Windu both get solid upgrades in Health, around a 50% increase, but also gain over 10k Protection. Defensively, Eeth Koth & Qui-Gon Jinn are the biggest winners while both Luminara & Shaak Ti get major upgrades in their evasiveness with a Dodge increase from 2% to 17.75%. When it comes to Critical Avoidance, the biggest winners in the Jedi faction are Mace Windu and Plo Koon as both gain 20.25% Physical and Special Critical Avoidance. In addition, Eeth Koth, Qui-Gon, Hermit Yoda, Jedi Consular, Grand Master Yoda and Jolee Bindo also gain 13.5% Physical and Special Critical Avoidance.

On the Offensive side, Ezra Bridger, Kit Fisto and Jedi Knight Anakin all get very significant Physical Damage boosts. For the Special Damage dealers, Jedi Knight Revan and Bastila Shan nearly double their offense while Grand Master Yoda is not far behind. For Physical Critical Chance Luminara and Plo Koon get nice boosts to their CC, but Ahsoka Tano’s near 34% gain puts her at 90.17% Physical CC with a Level 7 Relic. For Special Critical Chance, JKR does get a 13.5% boost, continuing the theme that he will be more of an offensive character with and upgraded Relic. For Critical Damage, Ezra, Shaak Ti and Ahsoka all gain 13.5% CD from the Relic upgrade as the lone Jedi enhancing this stat. Finally, looking at Accuracy, Eeth Koth, Qui-Gon, Hermit Yoda, Grand Master Yoda, Bastila Shan, Jedi Knight Revan, Aayla Secura, Kit Fisto and Jedi Knight Anakin all gain 13.5% Physical and Special Accuracy.

The final category of stats listed on swgoh.gg is the Misc category. This consists of Health Steal, Resistance Penetration and Armor Penetration. The Jedi that get the biggest gains from Relics in the Health Steal stat include General Kenobi, Juhani and Barriss Offee, while Aayla Secura, Old Ben, Kanan Jarrus and JKG all get boosts as well. In the Resistance Penetration and Armor Penetration categories, Aayla Secura, Jedi Knight Anakin and Ima-Gun Di are the biggest winners.


Irrelevant & Misleading Relic Stat Gains:

These stats are mentioned for educational purposes as we have found in writing these faction-specific Relic guides that many of the gains from Relics are misleading.

  • Jedi Knight Revan leads the way with a 114% increase in Physical Damage, and both Bastila Shan and Grand Master Yoda are in the same boat as all of them deal Special Damage.
  • When it comes to Special Damage, Ahsoka Tano, Ezra Bridger and Jedi Knight Anakin appear to be the biggest winners of the Jedi, however they all deal Physical Damage, not Special Damage, so the Special Damage gains are irrelevant.
  • Special Critical Chance gets a solid boost for Ahsoka Tano, Shaak Ti and Ezra Bridger, but is once again a wasted stat gain.


What are the Best Relic Amplifier Upgrades for the Jedi?

A look at the data and understanding of the gameplay of SWGoH shows that these Jedi get large stat gains from the addition of Relic Amplifiers and the promotion of those Relics to Level 7:

Grand Master Yoda – A dealer of Special Damage, Grand Master Yoda takes his 4,492 Special Damage and increases it by over 3k to 7,828. This is significant because GMY already is a hard hitter and that Special Damage stat is one of the best in the game. Unfortunately he does not gain any Special CC or CD, however he does receive added Accuracy as well as average Health and Armor gains.

Jolee Bindo – This is a later addition after seeing Warrior mention Jolee in one of his videos. I personally got to a point where I had to choose between Jolee, Bossk, CLS, Asajj Ventress and a couple of others and decided to value each on my roster. Because of the high volume of General Grievous Relic upgrades, I felt a stronger, more reliable counter in the GAC and TW was needed, so I dug into the upgrades to Jolee Bindo’s through his Relic and came away highly impressed. Jolee gets and one of the highest Health boosts in the game, an increase of 31,716, and given his kit is centered around Health this is a very important stat. Add to it that he gets solid increases in Armor, Resistance and both Physical and Critical Avoidance and Jolee Bindo may have one of the top 2-3 Relic Amplifiers in the game.

Ezra Bridger – Ezra Bridger also gets some very nice offensive boosts from Relics as he nearly doubles his Physical Damage, adds over 33% CC and gains 13.5% Critical Damage. While he is not a top-tier Jedi currently, the gains from Relic certainly make him much more viable and will certainly impact his offensive output.

Barriss Offee – Barriss is easily one of the biggest winners from the addition of Relic Amplifiers, but will this be enough to make her more relevant in the game? Her kit is already centered around Health, and a look at the best mods for Barriss Offee lines up with this, but taking her to Relic Level 7 more than doubles her Max Health, raising it from 37,121 to 75,461. She also gets a nice Health Steal boost which will make her even harder to kill, but she still hits like a pillow so the extra Health Steal will likely not amount to much.

Jedi Knight Revan – Jedi Knight Revan appears to be the top dog of the Jedi when it comes to offensive gains from Relic Amplifiers. JKR gets a 114% increase in Physical Damage from a Level 7 Relic, but do not let than fool you since he is a dealer of Special Damage. Luckily, he is also one of the top Jedi in Special Damage gains and while Physical Critical Chance does not help him, Special CC does and the Relic upgrades increase his Special CC by 13.5%. He gets a 13.5% Special Accuracy boost and he’s more likely to land his now larger attacks as well. However some reports we have received are that the Relic upgrades are nice, but not must-haves, so do your due diligence to ensure that JKR is the right character to invest even more into.

Honorable Mention – Ahsoka Tano both gets some nice boosts from Relic Amplifier upgrades and the value of both Ahsoka and Jedi Knight Anakin continues to increase in the game with the new Light Side Geonosis Territory Battles incoming and the (fairly) recent addition of Padme Amidala. For JKA, he already gained 805 Physical Damage, 325 Strength and 160 Armor Penetration from Gear 12 to Gear 13, so the amplification of his already high offensive stats will surely make him a popular pick. Shaak Ti is also a winner from the addition of Relics in my opinion, largely because she is a newer character with very nice kit that Relics really enhance.


Which Jedi should I avoid taking to Relic Level 7?

While this does not necessarily mean that you should NOT take the Jedi below to Relic Level 7, based on the data and comparison to other Jedi stats, these are the characters that I will not be looking to upgrade to Relic Amplifier Level 7 anytime soon:

Jedi Knight Guardian, Old Ben, Juhani and Kanan Jarrus are all characters I would look to avoid considering for high Relic levels for now. Tanks for the most part did not gain as much as attackers from the addition of Relics to SWGoH, so I am staying away from considering these Jedi characters for these hard-to-acquire materials. I originally had General Kenobi’s Relic upgrade on this list as well since his stat gains are, compared to the other Jedi, rather meager. However after giving more thought to his place in the shifting META, his value in Territory Wars and the GAC, and his new Capital Ship, I simply cannot keep him on a list that advises against using Relic Amplifiers on him since he is so good and so valuable in the game. Just do not expect huge enhancements when you do use those upgrades.


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